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If you live by yourself and experience little to no distractions from the outside world, then these Pods might not be for you. However if you’re tired of your noisy house, why not opt-in for a a secondary structure to put on your property? Having a quiet and peaceful retreat just a few steps away from your house isn’t a bad idea.

If you’re a music producer, designer, artist, developer, freelancer, writer, video producer, or hold any other position which allows you to work from home, then you should seriously consider a creative outside studio pod.

Outdoor studio pods are one of the most innovative inventions of modern man. These creations not only answer the problems of limited space, the hassles of commuting, and drastic CO2 emissions, but they also embody the creative and innovative nature of human beings.

There are dozens of studio pod designs out there, but only a few are that stand out. Today we’ll take a look at the most creative outside studio pods.

Outdoor Pod by Sett Studio

Outdoor Pod by Sett Studio

Created by Sett Studio in partnership with J Square Architecture, this outdoor pod is a modern design for a second structure to be placed on a property. This outdoor pod design is not intended for one specific place on a property. It can be placed in any area where there is a bit of serenity, it’s tagged as ‘peace and relaxation in a ninety two square feet pod’.

This studio space could be anything that a property owner would want it to be, from the simple office space to the more complex art studio. The exterior design is made of wood which can be layered with a selection of different finishings, while the interior has a sustainable ‘monotread’ finish.

Luxury Garden Office by Archipod

Luxury Garden Office by Archipod

Having a unique spherical design for an outdoor luxury office structure, this studio pod created by Archipod has a lot of brains and innovation behind it. This amazing design is tagged as “a place for new possibilities.” The main idea of the design is the modernization of technology as the missing link for people not to work in office buildings anymore.

The whole structure has a stunning exterior and interior design tailored to fit every need. The outside structure has a wooden finishing and the inside flaunts a modern office style. It also features natural lighting inside the pod, but it keeps unwanted noise outside.

This pod is mainly intended as an office space but can be transformed into anything such as a kid’s playroom, dining room, etc., like the design from Sett Studio.

Office Pod


Embodying the idea of creating an office space free of day to day distractions, yet still only a few meters away from home, the Office Pod is an outstanding example of a creative and contemporary outdoor studio pod. This offers anyone a truly flexible office space solution that doesn’t sacrifice a worker’s productivity and welfare. Every element and detail of this pod is the fruit of years of study and innovation to provide a highly functional and efficient environment where all space is used to its optimum.

This outdoor structure can be easily relocated to meet changing circumstances and needs. It conveniently includes a desk, ventilation, heating, power, lighting, and storage. It has curved corners which makes it easier on the eyes and eliminates the feeling of being inside a box. Additionally, this pod is estimated to last for more than 25 years which makes it a great office investment.

Tetra Shed


Designed by an award winning designer, the Tetra Shed is a creation from a truly creative genius. Like the design from Archipod, the main intention for this outdoor pod is to become an office space but it is convertible and can be made into a place for work, rest or play. The design of the Tetra Shed is among the most unique (irregular shaped) of the bunch.

It comes with six different modules which can conform to the size of the yard it’s to be placed in. It has a selection of finishing colors and materials including zinc, copper, marine plywood, and corten steel. The structure itself is sustainable. It can withstand permanent and year round use.

Micro Pod


Called the micro pod, this outdoor masterpiece is the most compact of the bunch and able to fit any garden space. This structure’s design is another unique idea for a separate working space a few steps away from the main structure (house).

Even tagged as ‘micro’, this pod has sufficient space to suit every office worker’s needs. It comes with a desk, storage, and shelving. From the interior timber wood floors, Siberian Larch cladding, heated flooring, full-height windows and exterior intricate design of this outdoor pod screams ‘premium’. Its finishings are at their finest from the inside out.

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