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Google Plus is a new way to interact online, an improved mode of online communication, an innovative social network able to make your web interactions closer to real life. Of course, every social networks geek may say that we already have Facebook where an endless number of features are integrated and which is quite an ultimate place for chatting, content sharing and spreading the word about anything. But at the same time every social networks geek won’t deny that Google Plus has something even more peculiar than other communities can offer.

A matter of Google Plus and Facebook competition can not be ignored. These two powerful social networks are actively discussed and compared: some think that there is no difference between using this or that network as it depends only on personal preferences of a user, some are sure that Facebook will stay unbeaten all the same, some tend to believe that Google Plus beats Facebook and features some options Facebook lacks. In order to make it more obvious, let’s observe these very features which are unique for Google Plus.

1. Circles

In real life we used to divide people we know conditionally into special groups. For example, we have relatives, friends, close friends, colleagues, classmates etc. And with each group of people we behave, talk and act in special, quite different way. The same way we want it to be on the Web. If your boss wants to be friends on Google Plus to share some useful information and you’d like to upload last Friday night’s party pictures for your friends to check them out, what are you going to do?

Showing them to your boss isn’t a good idea, right? For this occasion Google Plus has a special Circles feature. You can create a circle for different groups of people, e.g. your family, friends and co-workers in order to share the information only with some of them. Thus, you will be able to hide the content some of your Google Plus friends should not see. This feature is implemented with the help of HTML5 drag & drop technology so using it is easy as ABC: just drag the users you want to add to a circle and drop them into it.

2. Sparks

Google team decided to show a lot of care to its users and integrated a special Sparks option which won’t ever let you become bored. So if you have looked through all the news from your friends and currently there are no users online to talk to you can spend time with pleasure and benefit watching through the content of your interest.

Making use of Sparks, you will be able to find any content dedicated to the topic you are fond of. You only need to type in keywords which relate to the issue you’d like to find out more about. E.g., fashion, music, politics, psychology etc. Check out what Google Plus offers you and enjoy familiarizing with interesting news and sharing as long as you want and whenever you need it!

3. Hangouts

It is really cool to hangout with lots of friends and spend funny time together. But what are you to do if there are some reasons why you can not join them at the moment? Maybe, you are far away, maybe you fell ill and can’t leave home or just bored sitting home alone? Don’t get upset, Google Plus has a marvelous feature which won’t let you feel lonely for a minute. You can make use of Hangouts option which looks like an ordinary video chat but in fact is something even better.

You start a Hangout and any of your friends can join you wherever they are. Thus you will spend time watching and hearing them with only no chance to reach their hand, but in fact you still will be able to spend time together online. Such a virtual party but it is really cool when you have no other opportunity to see people you miss and love! What is not less great, is that you can hang out with your friends and beloved just within a Google Plus network, instantly sharing content and any other stuff from your account. It is really comfortable to have everything arranged in one place. Up to 10 users may take part in the video chat, and all video messages are supported by Windows, Mac and Linux which makes you sure that there won’t arise any problems with video performance.

4. Huddle

You can’t but agree that sometimes it is really important to connect with several people at once in order to discuss some common issues. E.g., you are going to the cinema and need to organize a bunch of friends. It would be really uncomfortable and irritating to read a great number of messages from different users. Moreover, you can simply get confused in all them. Google Plus gives you an opportunity to chat with a group of friends simultaneously in one chat window! This is really comfortable and helps make any decision faster. Apart from chatting directly within the Google Plus network you can also use the chat feature on Android mobiles as well as make use of GTalk which is also available.

5. Easy Data Deliverance

If you are an active user of various Google products, such as Picasa, Documents, Buzz, Streams and others, you have a great chance to deliver any data from these services with simple clicks via Google Plus. All you need is just to click “Google+ Settings” button from your Google Plus profile homepage and you will be redirected to your Google account. From there you will be able to choose Data Liberation Tab and select particular Google products you’d like to make use of.

These are 5 most distinctive features of Google Plus social network which Facebook really should have. Of course, there are also some functionality nuances users appreciate Google Plus for comparing with Facebook, e.g.:

  • Instant multimedia content sharing from mobile devices allowing you to set special preferences
  • One-click location sharing (as opposed to Facebook, Google Plus doesn’t limit countries number and allows you share your location information right from your account wall)
  • Improved privacy settings
  • Easy and complete account disabling (unlike Facebook, Google Plus network helps you quit your account in the way your online friends would not be able to visit your profile, invite you to events, etc; but as in Facebook you are allowed to download all your content not to lose any data).

But we need to understand that Google Plus is not aimed to kill Facebook and it also possesses quite different approach to online communication. Of course, Facebook will retain its positions but Google Plus obtains more and more fans every day due to its innovative and extraordinary social networking options. However, Google Plus project is still in beta version and you can join it by receiving special invitation. But it is really comfortable for every Google user to use the network as it provides a cool interaction allowing you to make use of all Google products just from the Google Plus profile which simplifies and diversifies your work. It is up to you to decide which particular network to use and whether you prefer Facebook or Google Plus but you can not pass by the great opportunities Google Plus opens behind every Internet user and you can’t but agree that Facebook surely lacks some features Google Plus already has.

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