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Staying on top of the latest social media conversations and content regarding your brand, products, industry and competitors is often easier said than done.

Rather than going out of your way to discover these conversations and content, why not have them brought to you?

Here is a list of 5 helpful social monitoring tools that will help you stay on top of anything relevant to your company without the hassle.


TweetStats is a simply social monitoring tool displaying two types of charts to help you monitor Twitter trends: one showing the top 10 trends for the day, and another showing the hashtags and keywords currently trending. This is a good way to see what others are talking about to see if you can also get involved in the conversations for networking and engagement. Use this to find keywords that look promising and perform a Twitter search to see what others are saying about it. Add the hashtag to your own tweets so it appears when users search for ‘social media’.


If you’re a local business and you want to specifically target connect with users in your area, Trendsmap is for you. This nifty Twitter tool lets you filter tweets to view only the hashtag and keyword trends by geographical location. In other words, it shows you what users in your area are talking about. This shows trends based on geographical locations. This enables you to connect with local tweeters who could potentially become your customers and discuss topics they’re interested in.


If you’re looking to discover all the Twitter and Facebook conversations happening around specific topics, rather than those that are trending, SocialMotus is for you. SocialMotus allow you to group related keywords by topics, and ensure messages with specific keywords don’t appear in your results so only the most relevant conversations are delivered to your dashboard.

As SocialMotus is a full social management dashboard, you can reply, share, archive, assign to a team member to follow up or leave a note to offer team members more information for each message.

YouTube Trends Dashboard

Have you turned to video marketing to promote your business? If so, make sure to regularly check the Trends Dashboard on YouTube to see the most popular videos at the time. The best part is you can filter this by location and age, sort by most shared or views, but more importantly, compare how videos trends for different audience types. Now you can see what resonates with your audience the most, helping with your demographic research. Tip: If there is a specific topic or story that is trending, see if you can ride the free publicity wave.

For example, when ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepson, New Jersey public relations firm has embraced the “Call Me Maybe” voice-dub trend by posting a choreographed video to YouTube — as a part of an effort to look for job graduate candidates. Not only did it receive thousands of views on visitors, it was covered by the popular technology website, Mashable, and ultimately received thousands of dollars of free PR for their company for no cost.


Take the power of BuzzFeed to see what content is being shared the most across the internet. The best part if you can use its filters to narrow down your search results such as the 20 most viral content for the week or content that has just published that people are buzzing about. Unlike the tools above, this is a great way to see what’s trending not only on certain social sites but across the internet. Use this opportunity to engage with the audience that’s most suited for your needs.

Those are my top free social monitoring tools. If you have any you want to recommend, please just leave a comment below!

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Posted by Siv Rauv

Siv Rauv is a Marketing Executive at SocialMotus, a free social management platform featuring advanced social monitoring tools for Twitter and Facebook. Now you have everything you need to fast track your social media, while building engaged Twitter and Facebook communities for your brand without the high price tag.

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