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More and more people are discovering the pleasures of freelancing. Whether they decide to freelance on a full-time basis or just to supplement their income, it’s a way to gain some control in a unique way.

Accepting online payments can be a simple process. But in some cases, getting paid is not as simple as it could be. Accepting online payments can simplify the process for everyone concerned.

In fact, there are several reasons that accepting online payments is a good idea. Some of the most important ones are discussed below.

Most Freelance Work Is Online

This means the company the freelancer works for may be located in another part of the country or even in another part of the world. Obviously, dropping off completed work at the office and picking up a check is out of the question. Instead, the completed work will likely be emailed to the company.

Invoices, also, will likely be emailed to the business that requested the work. The good news is, there are numerous templates for online invoices. Plus, most online payment services, such as PayPal, provide invoice platforms.

This allows the freelancer to quickly create and send professional invoices, which are more likely to be paid promptly.

Reliability with Credit Card Payments

When freelancers opt to accept online payments, they actually have options. With an online payment processor, they can choose to accept credit card payments. This is a reliable payment option; however, a fee may be involved.

Credit card payments can be accepted over the phone. Just collect all the pertinent information and enter it as appropriate. Accepting mobile payments is another option.

There are both paid and free mobile credit card reader app programs available. This allows freelancers to swipe cards, get authorization, and collect signatures while on the go.

Enjoy Electronic Transfer Funds

Some freelancers prefer to have their payments transferred to their bank account electronically. In order to use this service, the bank routing number and account number must be shared with the person/business that will be paying the funds. A direct deposit is made into your bank account.



PayPal is a popular online payment option. It can be used for accepting payments, making payments, or even for transferring funds to your bank account. Plus, PayPal offers a debit card. In most cases, the only information needed when using PayPal for accepting online payments is an associated email account.


Accepting online payments is another way to make freelancers appear more professional. Besides the fact that it seems less than professional, many clients will consider it an inconvenience to hassle with checks or money orders.

Freelancers have an opportunity to set their own schedule and therefore to have time freedom that many other people envy. Taking advantage of the many tools and strategies available, like accepting online payments, will help ensure that success will be achieved.

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