In the beginning of the New Year, I hope you will be taking resolutions, may be for your health, family, habits and other things, where you need to compromise. However, have you thought to take some new resolutions to increase your self-productivity?

Not Yet! Then do take it quickly.

I know it’s hard to manage a big business and make time for yourself. However, in these 24 hours, you just need to invest 9 to 10 hours, to turn your business productive and yet have some leisure.

Am I sounding a little ridiculous, as managing a big business is not dealing with peanuts?

Guys, just like you there are many entrepreneurs who are taking their business to a level, working 9 to 10 hours. Their working style is a bit different from others, they have specific choices to make their business productive and at the same time have their own share of personal life.

If you think to start the New Year, similarly like those entrepreneurs and have some quality time for your own, then follow these 5 things and make your business earn smooth profits.


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1) Choose What Is Important To Your Business

What are the major things that you need in your life? Try to focus on the time that you need for your fun and business. If you have a big family, you can have them, but remember that your kids need to be with you. Therefore, choose a lifestyle that is going to make out some time, which you can spend with your family. If you like to work with big companies then try out the job of a consultant. Your choices will be based on the kind of lifestyle you want.

2) Be Efficient

It is not possible for you to create everything perfectly. The thing in which you are savvy gives you greater satisfaction and consumes lesser time. Do not invest time on steep learning curve if it is not within your bandwidth. Just design the life with the specific wants and try to say no to those opportunities, which are beyond your scope.

3) Combine Some Good Activities

You may be speculating your time, how much to spend on whom friends, family, work, etc. if you are trying to balance your time, the stop it. Make out ways to enjoy them all in a combined manner. Have a cup of social life along with the work environment.

Try to find out people in your company with similar kind of interest and develop your career likewise. If you think that, everything is discordant, try to make changes.

4) Budget Your Time

What are the major time-suckers in your life? Social media, family, friends, employees, co-workers all at certain circumstances sucks out your precious time. You need to budget your time and make engagement to supportive interactions, that energizes you. Social media is the black hole for your time and as well as productivity. Make the good use of social media as a tool to support your business endeavors and social needs, and lay off that Sim Social.

5) It’s Time To Be An Active Learner

You might think that learning takes a lot of time, but they are not. Learning is the tool and new ways of doing things that can save time in spite of running a big business. With effective learning, you will be able to speculate how to free yourself from the mundane tasks and freeing you up for the priorities.

If you aim to become the next big thing in business, becoming self-productive is essential, try to incorporate these 5 ways and start thinking big in the New Year.

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Posted by Paul Clark

Paul Clark, author of this article is a financial consultant and he loves to work with big companies. He is into social media, writes articles, and even loves to watch television. He provides financial advices to renowned call centers, which provide effective telemarketing outsourcing services to small businesses.

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