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Business is not just about selling products and services, but about understanding people who will make a difference. Hence, many of the business owners today are more concerned about the people and the interaction they make rather than focusing on selling their products and services. Many experts believe that business owners should not only think about their target customers but also about the other people who can become their target customers.

Although, many marketing professionals would believe that targeting the wrong customers for your products is a complete waste of time because no matter what you do they are certainly not interested in your products and services. However, below we will focus on how irrelevant people who are not your target customers can still help you with better conversion rates and provide you with better success rate when it comes to business.

Have you ever noticed that many of the customers that read your internet marketing campaign are actually not your target customers? Well, you will only realize that when you focus on it. There will be many customers that will always keep check about the new products and services that you are selling, they might even comment on your blogs and like your Facebook pages and even do lot of other activities to make you feel that they are your target customers, but they will never buy any products or services from you.

This is not because your products and services are not good enough but because they are only there to affect your business success rates and conversion rates.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the online users that might not be interested in buying your products and services but they will definitely affect your brand awareness and online success ratio.

1. Friends of a Potential Customers

There are some buyers who might have heard about your business through their friends who are already your customers. These people will never buy from your store because they are not sure if they should go ahead with the purchase, but they will still leave some comments and information about your business since some of their friends are your regular customers. Hence, when they start commenting on your blogs or like your Facebook page they are actually adding to your brand awareness because when one friend starts commenting others also follow their comments and that way it improves your online marketing campaign.

2. The Influencers

These people are available all over the globe and they are a group of people that will never buy from your store because they believe they have better deals. However, they have a huge list of friends and online groups that they are connected with. They are active people on the web and they can make a huge difference to your business because they have thousands of Facebook friends and another thousand Twitter followers that can start commenting once they start commenting on your blog or Facebook page.

3. Collaborators

There are some people who love to share, talk and provide more information and therefore they are least interested in buying products and services. These people will go through all the information that you have provided and then share it with more people to ensure that they get the information. Although, these customers are never going to buy products and services that you sell they will make your online marketing campaign successful.

4. Community Users

Community users are very popular online and therefore they have the skills to influence other buyers on the internet. These people know some of the best products that are available in the market and therefore they will only make sure that they like and spread some comments about the products and services that you offer. They might not be interested in buying your products but they will influence many others to be your potential customers.

5. Referers

There are many people who add to the success of your business and people who refer your products and services are one of those. There are many people who love to provide their expertise and therefore they always refer better products and services to their contacts. Although, they will be doing their research work they will make sure that they write better words for you if they find your product and services better than that available in the market.

All the above mentioned types will not be interested in buying your business products and services but they will help you get better online marketing campaign. If you manage to keep them happy and engage with them in the right way they will make sure that they bring you the right customers that will improve your business in the future.

These people are definitely not your target customers because they are not interested in buying products or services that you provide but they will promote your business through better comments and blogs that they write and help you get the word of mouth publicity. You need to understand that in online marketing campaign every individual is important which means that you cannot ignore people who are not your potential or target customers that can bring you more business.

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