The economy is forcing businesses to lower their prices and get competitive. The internet is a big place, with doors open to anyone. Big companies take pride of their web presence, undermining smaller competitors. Forget Walmart, you can find better prices elsewhere.

Amazon is known for its spectacular customer service and easy policies. The site offers free two-day shipping for Prime customers (costs $79/month). But have you checked out the Warehouse Deals section? Amazon’s returns get stacked here, ready to be sold at a lower price. You’ll find snacks, electronics, video games and toys. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll still get free 2-day shipping. It’s worth checking out. Most items have been used for under 30 days and is listed with a brief description.


Simon Rothman left to open his own business, He aspired for a more streamline and easy experience for customers. Glyde focuses on cellphones, electronics, books, movies and video games. You’re even welcome to sell your items! You’ll find iPhones at awesome prices, even lower than Ebay’s, but you better snatch them up fast! The shopping experience is visual and the savings are worth it.


A Best Buy brand, focuses on reselling polished liquidation items. Every month Best Buy liquidates their goods via other channels. Items still in great or excellent condition end up in Their catalog might be scarce but you’ll find some nice LCD or LED HDTV’s below $300 with a few nicks. Cellphones are the best, as some are sealed in the box. If you ever want to spot electronics at amazing prices, check this hidden gem out. Their customer service is friendly


Attempting to outpace Ebay at every move, focuses on buyers looking for new buying venues. still hasn’t caught up with but their catalog is growing as more sellers are unsatisfied with the former. Prices are a bit lower than Ebay thanks to seller fees being low (maybe too low). Make sure to check out the seller’s feedback and always ask questions before you buy.


Remember those commercials? No? Now you do (pretend you do). has a serious catalog, maybe even bigger than Walmart’s. Think of anything, you’ll find it there. To make things better, a good portion of the items have competitor’s price next to them. In other words, if’s price is too high, you can opt to buy from other sellers. It’s a win-win for you and If you buy often, you’ll rack up Rakuten points, which can be used for discounts in turn. Also, has heft discounts on once in a while.



Kmart deserves more attention. Ever since it was snatched up by Sears, it’s prices and policies have been more precise to local markets. Kmart caters to the lower-income market, but their selection is worth a look. Especially those HDTV’s—which are very tempting. If that home theater picks your interest, ask for their layaway program. You’ll get a guaranteed price and have a payment plan. If Kmart’s selection isn’t your taste, you can always click on Sears on the upper tab and browse there.

Extra Bonus: Sears Outlet (


If you checked out, you might’ve noticed the Sears Oulet (hidden on the upper tab). The outlet focuses on home appliances, tools, and furniture. If you’re spicing up your new house or apartment, you’ll find the half-off on dishwashers  a godsend. It’s also common for local Sears store to put up returned appliances for sale. They won’t advertise them, but it’s always worth asking the salesman. They won’t put them on the floor if it looks dirty or broken.

Always, always look for deals online! If you can’t find a price you want, save up more or call your local stores for a price. If holidays or national events come up, you’ll definitely find great prices in the list above.

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