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Whether you own a virtual store or a simple personal blog, neglecting the importance of social media for it is a huge mistake. People spend the majority of their time on the internet with social networks; therefore, this represents the safest and most handy source of incomes and visitors. Let’s see 5 ways to make money with your blog with social media.

1. How to find people on social networks to bring them on your site?

  • Ad Sense Integration
  • Banners
  • Articles

A blog can make money through AdSense programs of Google, through banners and commercials, but also by selling products to the interested people. As soon as you have those engines integrated on your website, it is time to think about promoting the website on those social networks.

In all the traffic charts and tops, the social networks can always be found on the first places in terms of traffic and visitors. This is because now it is trendy to stay on Facebook and Twitter just to see what your friends are doing. This is a method to bring visitors on your website, real visitors that might be interested about the products you sell or about the articles that you write.

2. Advantages of Social Media promotion compared with organic traffic

When you optimize your site for Google searches, you might need to wait for weeks before the visitors would come. This depends on the reputation of the website. However, while organic traffic comes harder, the social media traffic comes instantly. As soon as you send a message in the network, people would start reading your post or article. With social media traffic, you can expect instant results, and as soon as you have placed a new product in the list, you can expect people to enter and to buy your products.

3. Facebook promotion

  • paid advertising
  • free advertising

There are several methods to promote a page on Facebook. Free advertising might be a good solution, with the specification that you can’t reach a desired category of clients. Paid advertising will allow you to target only a category of clients, therefore you can reach only teenagers interested by clothes or pregnant ladies interested about pregnancy products. Yes, it is true that you need to pay for this advertising, but the money you spend will return to you under the form of visitors and sales.

4. Twitter promotion

You might be surprised about the number of people staying on Twitter all day long, and following any page or product. It is a method to earn money, as the people will instantly enter your page as soon as you “tweet” a new product on this network.

5. How to start earning money with social media

With a simple Facebook account and with a “tweet”, you can start an empire for your page. It is important to create a good image, and you should make people interested by your products with the quality of the respective products, not with spam and aggressive promotion.

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