As you may already know, Dribbble is a show and tell for designers, developers, and other creatives. Since it’s release, Dribble has been a huge influence on the design community. Some people say it’s Twitter meets Facebook for designers and creatives. Whatever your opinion of the service might be, one thing we can all agree on is that Dribbble is awesome! By being an invite only community, Dribbble is able to maintain quality. This is a rare/hard concept to achieve, since the web is flooded with tons of (excuse my language) crap.

Dribbble is home to some of the best designers on the planet, that means you can expect top quality work. Most of the designers share and release awesome freebies on Dribbble. Since there is no option/category to browse all the freebies available on the site, we had to do some ground work. We searched Dribbble for hours, and managed to collect some incredible freebies begging to be in your resource collection. So without further ado, enjoy the following freebies.

Note: All the images are linked to the download page of the file. Just click the image and download the free files.

1. Compact Music Player Freebie

2. Percentage Bar

3. Pricing Table

4. Audio Player

5. ImgHover

6. Graph

7. MacMini PSD

8. Like it

9. UI Kit

10. Notifications Boxes

11. PS3 MockUp

12. 3D Buttons

13. Macbook PSD

14. Paper Post

15. Notifications

16. Audio Player

17. Kb’s UI kit

18. Black Dribbble

19. Upload Panel

20. Video Player

21. Twitter Feed

22. Music Player

23. Pricing Tables

24. To Do list

25. Facebook like UI

26. UI Rack Pro 7

27. Moonify UI

28. UI Kit

29. File Icons

30. Dribbbles

31. Sleek breadcrumb nav

32. Poll

33. Menu & Search Form

34. Audio Player

35. Minimelements

36. Shiny Blue UI

37. Social Sharing Button

38. Clean Minimalistic Portfolio Snap

39. Custom Video Player Design

40. Delight Icons

41. Sleek Elements

42. Sign In Form

43. Light UI PSD

44. Your cart widget

45. Buttons Badges

46. Simple Profile User Badge

47. Check and Credit Card Icons

48. Bubble Gum – Skype Theme

49. Icons

50. Strabo – A Free Icon Set

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