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An icon can say more than words. Visually beautiful icons are used everywhere on the web,  you can find them on software applications, corporate business websites, and a variety of different blogs. The design community is full of talented creative’s, that keep releasing  useful icons completely free of charge. Today we have collected some of the best icons you can find. These icons are extra high quality, and they look absolutely stunning. If you’re looking to beef up your personal collection, then you just hit the jackpot!

All the icons listed can be used for personal use. Most of them can be used for commercial use as well. To make sure read the guidelines at the download page, or the text “read me”document in the zipped file. We hope you will find this resource helpful. If you have any questions or comments, don’t be shy to comment below!

1. WooCons #1: 170 Free Web Icons

2. Iconsweets

3. Hamburg

4. Basic Set

5. Quartz Icon Pack

6. Elegant Themes Icon Pack

7. Designer Icons – Professionally Hand-Crafted Free Icon Set

8. SMBO Icon set

9. Free Icon Set for Developers

10. Checkout Process Icons

11. Danish

12. Addictive Flavor

13. WooFunction: 178 Amazing Web Design Icons

14. Pictos: Free Tumblr Icons

15. Juicy Fruit icon set

16. Onebit free icon set

17. GiNUX

18. 1400 Free “Farm-Fresh Web Icons”

19. Copenhagen

20. NiXUS

21. Isloo

22. Pixel Pulp ‘Teaser’

23. Buildings Icons

24. Toolbar Icon Set 2

25.  Toolbar Icon Set

26. Icon for MealKeeper’s soft

27. Absque

28. Boolean 1.1

29. Falcon

30. Eloquence

31. PixeloPhilia 2

32. Car Icons Project

33. PixeloPhilia

34. Innocent

35. Ten Icons

36. 48px Icon Set

37. Basic Set 2

38. Antiseptic Videogame Systems

39. Rinoa

40. Project Icons -Version 1.7.5

41. Most chinese, most pixels

42. 32px 2009

43. Random icons

44. Mini Icon Set

45. Retrofukation

46. 32px Mania

47. 32px Mantra v2

48. 32px Mantra

49. 32px Icon Set

50. 48px-set

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