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There are times in life when we simply get stuck. Our negative emotions get the best of us and we are no longer in control of our destiny. Feeling upset and depressed will essentially lead you nowhere. Why not stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead do something that bring you happiness. Why not do something inspiring like reading quotes?

I think a huge problem with our society and our mindset is that we are way too logical. If only we could use our right side of the brain more, then we would come up with better solutions and wouldn’t be grounded by the logical left side.

Think of the Wright brothers for a second and travel back in time. If you randomly met them on the street and they happen to tell you that they think they can fly, you would probably laugh and say “sureeeeee, good luck with that.”

This is the same problem we now face. Our society is filled with hate and we automatically look for flaws instead of perks. Thinking outside the box leads to great discoveries. Being open-minded and hearing both sides of the argument is one of my top wishes for our society. If only we balanced our brains, then we would truly discover harmony, peace, and love.

So how does this exactly relate to this article? Allow me to explain. We all have different problems and situations that we face on a regular basis. Most of the time when we read quotes we comprehend what is being said and then after a few days we forget about them and follow our old ways. From now on I challenge you to try and better yourself as a human being.

Try to open your mind, see things from a different perspective, help out others, work hard, be thankful for what you have, stop being materialistic, make the best of every situation, kill sadness, think positive, do what makes you happy, reach for your goal, stop feeling sorry for yourself, be happy for others success, cut jealousy, conquer greed and etc.

When reading these quotes try to apply them to your life. If you can’t, then at least understand the message that’s being sent across. I really hope this article will help you with whatever struggle you currently face. Enjoy!

Solve a Problem

Life is too Short

The World

Cogito ergo sum


Do You Believe


Ignore Success



Heaven and Hell

Typography by Luca Barcellona

Be different

Fail Better

illustrated wisdom



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