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The web is a huge place packed with websites. According to Netcraft there are over 182 million websites that we have record of. If that number does not scare you, then I don’t know what will. Considering the vast amount of websites, the first thought on your head is “Wow, that alot of competition.” You are completely correct! Let’s face the facts, most of the time people create websites to make money by either selling a service or a good. Other times we have informational websites that make money from advertisement. This is no secret, it’s just the way things work.

One website trend that has been getting much traction around the world wide web, is “full screen background.” This is a popular aim for creatives, restaurants, businesses, architecture firms, fashion websites, sports websites, and photographers. By creating a full screen website you give first time visitors an incredible visual experience that will make them want to return. Plus its gives a whole new unique feeling to your website. Some websites even depend on more than one static image, with an automatic image slider build in.

Most webmasters know that your bandwidth is stressed when you have a background image loaded every single time somebody visits your website. That’s very true, but keep in mind that there are numerous resources that solve this problem, like MaxCDN. By using a Content Delivery Network you have the power to host as many images as you wish without slowing down. With the growth of tablets, cell phones, and laptops in the recent years, supporting every single device is vital. You don’t want to disappoint visitors, or have them leave because your website looks weird on a mobile browser. You want your full screen website viewed perfectly on every single screen. So how in the world can you do that will a full screen background? Are there any good solutions for this problem?

Here are some great tutorial to achieve a full screen background:

To get your creativity juices flowing, we gathered some beautiful examples of full screen background websites. Enjoy!

Note: All the images are linked to their specified website.

1. Fleming Steele

2. Chicago L-Shirts

3. Parachute Journalists

4. G2

5. Ben Thomson Photography

6. Vivo Group

7. Hostel Oporto Excentric

8. Digitalove

9. David Koller

10. Kiran Owal

11. TeleTech

12. 7 Diamonds

13. Kirk Whalum


15. Digi Glass

16. Studentská léta

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