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Newsletters are very important to your brand or business. A newsletter informs your reader about whats going on. It is extremely important to have an appealing design, on top of that you should have news that will interest the customer. As you might know newsletters are a great marketing strategy to keep your subscribers coming back. Use this to your advantage, and create lustful email newsletters that the users cant resist. If you’re planning to design a newsletter soon, good thing you came. We have rounded up some impressive email newsletter designs. Enjoy!

1. 45royale

2. Segue Cellars

3. Plus+

4. Smokin Apps

5. Eric Miller Design

6. East London Design Show

7. Monsterpreneur

8. Kasian

9. Venture Visuals

10. Lonely Planet

11. Think!


13. Avant Card

14. In the mix

15. Frost Design

16. Nation toys & tees

17. Capre Diem PR

18. Fresh Books

19. Kibbn

20. Enjoy Ticino

21. Percept

22. Pixelmator

23. Glasshouse

24. 37 Signals Backpack

25. Juxt

26. Pleb

27. Magnitude

28. Atomic Interactive

29. Servings

30. eDivvy

31. Starbucks

32. Boden

33. Harrods

34. Splinter Cell

35. Bioshock

36. Xero

37. Nike

38. Old Navy

39. Action Method

40. Whiskey Militia

41. Toddle

42. Saturized

43. Envato

44. Virb

45. Authentic Jobs

46. Flippa

47. Nook

48. Apple

49. Remix

50. Threadless

51. Typetec

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