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Just like we were all taught in English class to map out and brainstorm, you essentially have to do the same thing in design. Prior on starting your web, logo, icon, poster, business card, print, or any other type or design you have to get a general idea of which direction you will be headed. I’ve said this plenty of times before, and I will say it again. You cannot build a house without blueprints. If you want potential future stress go right ahead and be my guest. However if you want things done the right way from the start sketching out ideas and plans is crucial!

Today we have collected some stunning sketch shots from Dribbble. This massive collection includes everything from character, icon, illustration, typography, and interface design. We hope that you will get inspired from the following works and maybe create your own. Keep in mind we only hand-picked the best examples to maximize your inspiration. These works are from some of the best designers in the world so take notes!

Note: All of the images are credited and linked to original shot on Dribbble.

1. Bag icon sketch

2. 123 Sketch

3. Grand Rapids Brewing Sketch

4. Gardens Sketch

5. Dialoggs Logo Sketch

6. Bear

7. Sketching Bears

8. Old mixes never die

9. Yak Ink

10. Sketch

11. The Original Poco

12. Sketch of Rogie

13. FireWire drive sketch

14. Sketch for a T-shirt design

15. Sketch for a T-shirt design #2

16. Draft for an illustration named Pixel Explosion

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