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It’s always good to have resources and thankfully, in today’s world, they have never been easier to acquire. The Internet is full of extremely useful/beneficial websites. Here are 55 bookmark-worthy websites you may not have known exist. is the perfect website to catch up on all the recipes you may have missed from the Allrecipes magazine. They separate the recipes by category to make it even easier. is a quick reference website to help you learn more about anything that you could think of. It may even be better than Google itself. is the one-stop reference guide to help you find all available media in any subject. It works quite similarly to a college-level library database.

Owl.English, is a house for writing resources and instructional material for students. is the perfect learning resource for those who want to learn how to paint in the digital space. is a daily updated collection of recommended websites and tips using a humorous approach.

If you can’t watch enough documentaries, find out about the latest ones at is a perfect website for travelers to learn more about the places they are going to visit. There is no need to buy any more pocket books! is a wickedly fun website that allows you to click pinned places on a map. Learn about their locations and what makes them so nerdy. prides themself on being a giant collection of the best webpages on the Internet, and they are right. Simply tell them your interests, and they will help you find your perfect websites.

Look for a new way to manage your portfolio through the genius eyes of You’ll never look at your portfolio the same way ever again.

Make your budget paperless by going online with Understand where your money is going in the best way possible.

Have you ever wanted to perfect that portrait, or even draw a straight line? teaches that everyone can learn how to draw, and gives you major skills to improve your artistry.

Updating all of your installed programs has never been easier with Simply download and enjoy!

Never search for that perfect file conversion website ever again. allows you to convert over 190 formats, and for free.

Learn a variety of topics and skills with the University of Reddit. Courses are free!

Improve your speed-reading skills with Spreeder! Simply type or paste text into the box, and Spreeder will provide you with a visual playback of the words you would only need to read with the speed-reading technique.

Have a question? Ask it on You’ll quickly get in-depth answers from other peers.

Look for news and other stories at New stories are posted every day!

Simple Science Fitness is a one-stop resource to help you effortlessly burn fat and build muscle in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s free and caters to your body type!

If you’re looking for a place that lists all available online courses, look no further. separates all of these resources into categories of subject, recommendation level, paid and free sources, and favorite links to make it extra easy. is a free and simple source to help you learn all of the things you’ve ever wanted to learn, from French to math! Add as many courses as you want and learn at your own pace.

Are you sick of spam or tired of feeling insecure about your email provider? provides disposable email addresses for free. After its used, the email will disappear shortly.

When you’re looking for the perfect music for the mood you’re in (or would like to be in), and need an alternative to the music you always listen to, turn to They have separated music into moods, genres, activities, and decades. It’s fun and simple!

Look at for enlightening pieces of information and trivia. They have posted such an amount of information that there are even two books!

If you’re like many people, you have probably placed personal information on a multitude of websites. If you want to eliminate these accounts, use this website. They have the most popular websites available on their homepage.

Chatting websites are often over complicated or are too expensive. is a simple and free way for gamers to team chat! is a plain and easy tracking service that allows you to keep your device safe. Download the app, and you’ll never lose your device again. is the perfect website you need to find the best alternatives to the software you’re looking to replace. Just type in the software and a list will appear! Many pieces of software are free!

If you have people watching your every move, or simply don’t want to be caught with a blank history, use Fillmyhistory to fill it back up.

The Internet is an amazing place, but because it is so vast, it is hard to find out the best possible prices out there for the things you’re looking for. price compares the item you want on multiple websites and finds the best deal for you.

Avoid phishing and malware by checking out where short URLS really take you before you visit them with is the best way for you to order a list of items by alphabetizing them, sorting them by last name, and many more sorting options.

Consolidate all of your searching time with Simple type in what you need, and will search across many websites for you. takes the normal notepad experience and puts it in the digital space. Write all of your ideas with!

Do you want to learn more about the person you are considering hiring as your nanny? Or are you about to date someone new? Do a people search with for a comprehensive search and background check.

You probably already think that is an amazing thing. But did you know that it can be used in scholarly searches? Thus:

Are you looking for the perfect name for your website but don’t know what to call it? Have you found a great name that was been taken? makes it easy to find new domain names or find who currently owns the one you want. is the nice way to approach your tech-challenged loved ones. The website allows you to send a “care package” to anyone in mind, as well as video links that cover a variety of subjects.

Never be confused about what time it is in a foreign country ever again. displays every time zone and takes math out of the equation, so to speak.

If you need assistance with any sort of math, is there for you. Complete a multitude of problems from your basic math to calculus equations with the assistance of this awesome website.

If you ever need a fake name, go to They’ll create a quick fake identity for you on the spot.

Shorten all the time it can take trying to find the best airline deals out there by comparing airline tickets with

We often repeat the words we use when we write. Figure out how frequently you are using the words you use with

We all love movies, but it can be hard to find what to watch sometimes. is a free service that suggests a good movie to watch, hence the title.

Finding just the manual you have been looking for has never been quicker with Just search the product you are enquiring and the related manual will surface!

Writing letters is not dead, and having trouble with figuring out what to say is still an active problem. Find out just what to say with Letterwhiz, a completely free database of letter templates and quotes.

Your IP address is a very important piece of information to have, but it can be difficult to find. is a website that allows you to find out your IP address easily with no fuss. is video advertising software that allows you to figure out the effectiveness of your video advertisements.

Polish your writing skills with, which uses artificial intelligence to spot out errors, such as spelling, grammar, and plagiarism, in your writing.

Find as many free ebooks as you’d like using These ebooks are great for your Kindle. is a global flight tracker, status tracking and airport information website. Find out about the most recent delays, airports, and airlines. is the best way to view videos online. It is an easy-to-use bookmark-style resource that allows you to collect any videos you see online to go straight to your Radbox. You can watch the videos back on any time you want after that.

With you can change your maps and make them personal. You can add custom images and overlays, place text and markers, draw shapes and great circle lines, create custom widgets, and much more. It is available on the desktop and mobile phone.

If you are curious about any of the websites listed above, you can find out more about them in our About Us page.

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