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When you meet a potential client or a business partner, you want to leave a good impression. Even thou there are some major social skills you need to possess, the next big step is staying in touch.  Before both of you go your separate ways, it’s always a must to leave the other person your business card. This is an obvious process that has been done for years. Now with things like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin we are starting to use social media to stay connected. I love where we are headed, and people say that business cards will die out shortly. I strongly disagree with that statement, and believe that we will still be using business cards for years to come.

Now 90% of the time people/businesses take the cheapest route with business cards. I see professional businesses who are too stingy to invest in their brand, while they make thousands of dollars each month. I really don’t understand it. The cards that I frequently see are cheap pieces of cardboard that will rip easily if you slightly move it the wrong way. The card is also one sided (to save money,) and is usually in black ink. This is an embarrassment, and businesses need to realize it.

Even once you take that next level and create a beautiful 2 sides full color business card, there is one more level that people are scared to touch. This level is the creativity level that takes an advantage of custom shapes, different materials, and unseen design ideas. While sometimes abstract business cards take more time and money to make, they sure do leave a memorable impression on people. If you are willing to take that creative level, turning heads will be the norm when you give out your business cards. Do yourself a favor, create effective and memorable business cards!

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