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Often comic book crossovers come off well. Sometimes they are just plain ridiculous. It seems the imaginations of even the best comic book creators run dry, as the following examples prove. What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all?

Considering the amount of time it takes to write and draw a comic from beginning to end the creators of these travesties had plenty of time to halt the ink, yet these comics made it to stores across the globe. Today we will take a look at optimistic decisions made by comic book publishers. Sometime taking chances pays-off; other times they can turn around and bit you in the… We hope all you comic enthusiasts will enjoy this article!

Superman Meets the Quik Bunny

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The mighty hero isn’t afraid to stoop to dishonourable marketing ventures when he needs to purchase a new red cape. Those things don’t come cheap, so let’s hope Nesquik rewarded him handsomely for teaming up with the Quik Bunny in the 80s in this daft crossover of fur and freedom fighter.

Featuring dialogue obviously written by a middle-aged scribe striving to be cool, the comic’s villain Weather Man had a lame green outfit that made him look like a walking gherkin. Rumours that an apologetic comic featuring Clark Kent and Lois Lane having root canal surgery due to having drank too much of the sugary milkshake was planned have yet to be proven.

The Punisher Meets Eminem

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What’s up homies? When it was revealed blonde rapster Eminem would be popping caps in asses alongside The Punisher in a special Marvel comic people guffawed. To be honest, they’re still laughing.

Totally ridiculous, Eminem/Punisher: Kill You featured the 8 Mile star flex his nonexistent muscles and wield a gun alongside the avenging killer The Punisher in a ludicrous storyline concocted to shamelessly plug Eminem’s 2009 album Relapse. If they’d just force fed the rhymester’s daily drug intake to the villains the whole fight would have been over in seconds.


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No doubt in the planning stage this one seemed a winner, but the comic really doesn’t pull the crossover off, mainly because it feels not enough effort was put into merging the two comic universes together. Beautifully drawn by Todd McFarlane, it is Frank Miller’s writing that lets the comic down.

Despite Miller’s obvious writing talent this sad comic lacked an engaging story, which is perhaps why the Spawn/Batman crossover isn’t remembered fondly. Comic creators: if you promise a great deal you must deliver.

Tarzan versus Predator: At the Earth’s Core

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Wouldn’t the masterful hunter Predators just laser Tarzan’s loincloth goodbye? Yes, they would, but that would make for a lame match up. Including elements from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ fictional universe, the comic was wonderfully drawn by Lee Weeks, but the story by Walt Simonson was rather one dimensional.

Come on, be honest, this would be an extremely one-sided fight, nevertheless Tarzan somehow manages to meet the challenge of the Predators as he battles to save the subterranean world of Pellucidar. Tarzan versus Arnie would have been more plausible if slightly less exciting.

The Flash Meets Jerry Lewis

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Yes, they went there. In this completely bonkers crossover the loony gurning comic, always an acquired taste, accidently gets turned into the Flash by Abra Kadabra’s wand wielded by his nephew Renfrew. Flash’s villainous enemies descend to wipe out the fake Flash, only for the real Flash to speed in and save the day.

It all ends with hearty guffaws and a happy ending, which doesn’t stop it from being supremely ridiculous. A real challenge would have been Lewis and the Flash trying to out drink Lewis’ one time comedic partner Dean Martin and the Rat Pack. Now that would be worth seeing, baby.

Superman versus Muhammad Ali

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When Rat’lar, the leader of the Scrubb alien race, demands that Earth’s greatest warrior fights his planet’s champion Hun’Ya, Superman and Muhammad Ali accept the challenge. Forced to fight on the alien planet Bodace, whose proximity to a red sun removes Superman’s powers, Ali KOs the valiant superhero.

It gets even more far fetched when Ali knocks out the giant alien Hun’Ya, who deposes Rat’lar and ceases the planned invasion and annihilation of Earth. Totally crazy, the comic ends with Ali giving Superman a hug and declaring “We are the greatest!” OK then. Mind you, everyone said Ali couldn’t beat George Foreman, who seemed out of this world at his peak.

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