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Studying is an art and every student has his or her own pattern. Some prefer to study on a daily basis, and that is good, but a vast majority does it without a preset time. But, there is more to studying than setting off a time. Devoting more time or energy does not give you proportionate returns. It is the quality of your study and the ambience under which you do it matters. You can keep to your habits – some may prefer to study in the early hours of the day, and still others late in the evening. Some relegate all their studying for the weekend, which still works.

Here are some tips that can help you use your study time fruitfully. It is how you plan that matters most, and not how much time you expend at the desk. Study time must be fun and relaxing, and when you are relaxed your mind makes the best use of it. The key to using study time well is in creating the right ambience.

Environment does Matter


Decide the place that works best for you – Some students prefer to study in home and others in a library. When you study in a library you will have to stick to a particular time, and relaxing for a while is not always a distinct possibility, but the advantage is that there is never any distraction. You will be more disciplined, and you will also stick to a routine.
Home study on the other hand can be very distracting, and you may want to take breaks more frequently. However, the major attraction in home study is it is very relaxing and much easier to create the ambience – you set up music in the background, eat couple snacks and even decide to call it off and continue later.

Well Organized is half the job Done

Smart students are organized – Studying requires the use of books for reference, stationeries like pencil, pen, erasers, rulers, note pads…and more. Therefore I suggest you keep them all within your hands’ reach. You should even consider keep some drinking water and a small supply of snacks for a richer experience.
If you are in the habit of listen to music when studying, you can do that too. Keep the music light, and say no to the ones that can cause emotion. But the rule again is you should organize everything before you sit down to begin your study. Otherwise you will be tempted to take a break too often which is actually a drain on the time.

Never object your objectives

Decide on your objectives before you begin to study – There is no successful endeavor without a plan. Before you start to study, note down your objectives for the session. Chances are you may not accomplish it, but, you will know how much more needs to be done. A study session without a plan is like boat without rudders – you go nowhere and you won’t know it either.
Keep the note pad jotting for future reference. It will help you plan the next study session objectively. However, remember not to glance at the jotting frequently and race against time. It will result in poor study quality.

Dream is your best motivation

Strong motivations improve efficient use of time – The best way to motivate yourself is to imagine what it will be like to achieve your objectives – it can result in better score, your teachers might reward you and your own ego can receive a boost, and even you can hear words of appreciation from your parents. Think of these benefits and you will want to excel.
It is a nice idea to stick a motivating wall poster on the wall that will remind of the need to perform better. Motivation and reward is what drives this world, and you should grab the opportunities it will bring to you.

The art of self-study


Build your ability to do self-study – It is a good idea to consult others in your family when you study, but a better way to study is to learn self-learning. You can do that by creating your study materials from notes you take at college or school. When you prepare your study material yourself, you also get the opportunity to understand and research your lessons better.

You should also learn to test yourself by trying to answer questions. Ask someone in your family to give you a quiz test. It also helps to build confidence in you. It is easier to adjust your schedule when you are enrolled on online courses such as an RNBSN Online Program. But you need to have the right discipline when it comes to managing your own time.

Health makes wealth

Keep to healthy lifestyles – Studying is directly related to your health. All study and no exercise can make you dull and listless. Keep to a regular pattern of food, get good sleep (7-8 hours is minimum that students require), exercise your body, actively participate in sports and be competitive. Keep close watch on your diet and avoid excessively fattening food; they are known to interfere with studying.

These are but a few strategies that have stood the test of time. You need to be more inventing, and you are the best person to know what is good for you. Do not be afraid of experimenting and testing new ideas. Learn to innovate and discover the hidden talents in you.

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