They say- “Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to others’’. And I undoubtedly believe in the saying as it has transformed my life profoundly. If you’re someone who incessantly wish to step in someone else’s shoes, then it is imperative for you to understand that it is foolishness to compare apple to oranges, as both are different and perfect in their own unique way. Here you will find some tips to polish your life so that you can appreciate your existence, instead of comparing it to others relentlessly. 

1. Remember Beauty Belongs to Everyone

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ the saying may be trite for many, but is absolutely correct. If you think that beauty is something that can be found merely in the beauty pageants, then it the high time to change the way you perceive and look at the world. Every person is beautiful and is a creation of the Almighty.

So, don’t you think we somewhere commit a slander by disregarding the creation of God? When we do not appreciate ourselves and vilify others, it means we’re creating a negative cause for our own life. Each one of us holds something extraordinary within us. However, we don’t realize it. From today, make a vow to not disparage yourself and others. And get ready to welcome a new you.   

2. Stop Comparing Rose & Lotus 

Stop Comparing

It is indeed silly to compare Rose to Lotus, as both the flowers are immensely beautiful and one of a kind. Can someone compare the brightness of the sun and the moon? It is vital for you to understand that each of us has the potential to shine as bright as the sun. Those who doubt in their own potential can never accomplish what they want to. If you’re under the impression that the other person can do which I cannot, then you are mistaken.

There is nothing in this world that you cannot do. It surely may happen that to achieve something which you believe isn’t your piece of cake take time and extra efforts, but your continuous faith in yourself and hard work can help you reach your goal. Stop playing the game of comparison, and live a life that is beautiful and unlike anything else. 

3. Clean the Bag Full of Dirt 

Our lives are like a tarnished mirror; those people shine who persistently clean the dirt from the mirror of their life. The common dirt that spoils us could be Anger, Greed, Comparison, Ignorance, Self-pity, Arrogance, Fear, etc. If you want to polish your life, then the first thing you ought to do is cleaning the bag full of dirt. This isn’t an overnight task, but if you wish, you can make it happen.

Try meditation to unleash yourself from the chains of urban woes. We live in the world that is replete with negativity and the people whose job seems like to belittle and look down upon others. However, just as Lotus flower blooms in the mud and maintains it’s purity; you too can live your life with an ultimate purity that is unswayed and unaffected by the pool of filth that this world offers.

4. Stop Running in the Race to Become “Someone.” 

I like the way she dresses up, the way she sits, eats, works and talks. Is it what you think when you admire someone and wish to become like one? It is good to look up to others and getting inspiration from them, but only to the extent where it is helping you to grow as an individual. Sometimes, we do not realize that our obsession to transform our lives and to become like someone else can destroy us. Make sure you aren’t following somebody blindly. By doing this ceaselessly, you will stop appreciating your own life and traits that exclusively are yours, and belongs to you.

A woman is more susceptible to such feelings, we tend to compare ourselves to others quickly and give in to self-pity easily. However, it is crucial to bookmark it in your head that every woman is different, unique and beautiful. We all have been born with the USP’s that others might not have. Your existence is not to compete with others, but from your weak self. Even if its just a single step of advancement from what you were yesterday is praiseworthy and you must not avoid to reward yourself for the same. 

5. Stop Grumbling About What You Don’t Have

Stop Grumbling About What You Don’t Have

People feel easy to talk about flaws instead of the good things they have. If you will always complain about traveling so far to a distant place, then how will you be able to admire the beauty of that place? In the process of polishing your life, you have to understand that by complaining about things that annoy you, you are making a hole in the bucket of your good fortune that you accumulate by doing good to others.

Struggles and hardships come to make us stronger than we were yesterday. Instead of lamenting about each problem, we must practice to embrace it. People who grouse over frivolous matters can never find happiness in life. If you cannot be appreciative, then stop dreaming about life that shines incredibly. How wonderful it is to be happy about the things you have. Without begrudging your life, if you joyfully fight to achieve what you don’t have, then nothing could be nobler than this.

6. Practice Forgiveness to Declutter Your Mind 

We cannot live in isolation, we form certain relationships and undoubtedly struggle hard to maintain harmony with them. However, as human beings, some bumps in the ride are bound to happen. It is easy to blame others rather than accepting a saying that goes- ‘It takes two to make a quarrel,.’ Be the first one to apologize if you find yourself guilty.

On the other hand, never take the time to forgive others and break the ice. Life is short, and we sabotage some of the beautiful moments of our life by holding grudging against each other. It often happens when we don’t let go of things. The real treasure one carries is the treasure of the heart. When we forgive others, we only become big at heart. Henceforth, practice forgiveness and live your life with utmost generosity.

Following the above-stated tips that will certainly help you to acknowledge your inner self. Refer this post to your friends as well!

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