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Here is our second edition of the Photoshop Freebie series that we will be doing from now on. Since our last article: 50 Stunning Pixel Perfect PSD Freebies , demand for beautiful freebies has been growing tremendously. More and more design based freebies are being made on a daily basis for your downloading pleasure. We scouted for the best PSD resources based on quality, or as the title suggests “Pixel Perfect.” It took us quite some time to compile this huge collection, so we hope our hard will help you accomplish your goals!

The following freebies are guaranteed to help you with your workflow. People always ask me to include a direct download link, but just like hot-linking it’s disrespectful and rude. Sure I can link the download URL directly to the zipped folder, but that’s just wrong. I want to give designers full credit for the wonderful work the have done. So if you wish to download any of the following freebies, just click the image and you will be redirected to the download page. Keep in mind that all of the following freebies are available to be used for commercial use without permission.

1. Monolith TV PSD

2. Moonify UI


4. iOS Teaser Page

5. Notepaper blockquote

6. Gorgeous music player

7. Funky Graph UI

8. Pop-up Contact Form

9. Professional Web Card Profile

10. Pretty Little Search Fields

11. Dark Navigation Menu

12. Mini Drop-Down Menu

13. Add to Cart Buttons

14. Map Pins & Tooltips

15. Visitor Survey and Results

16. Light and Dark Pagination

17. File Icon Set

18. Review & Rating Stars

19. Equalizer UI

20. Elegant Calculator Icon PSD

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