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Welcome to the official calendar apocalypse! As humans we often forget things easily, such as anniversaries. One thing I’ve learned form my experience is to never forget that date, because once you do your in deep water.  Apart from relationships we have many other important events happening in our lifes. If you’re a busy person that has too much food on your plate, you probably use a calendar to stay organized.  Currently there are tons of apps and services that help you keep track of important events. Some services will even email you a reminder right before you need to accomplish something. All of these incredible tools help us stay on top of our game, and in a strange way act like our second brain.

Although people still use physical calendars to keep track of events, the digital age is strongly coming towards us. It’s much more easier to use an application on your smartphone, rather than carrying around your calendar agenda. Businesses heavily use calendar applications to stay on top of things. They have bills to pay, contracts to make, and deadlines to follow. Do you think it’s a coincidence when a hit movie like Transformers comes out,  there are toys and other merchandise already on retail shelf space? All of these things get planned out months before the movie comes out. Companies have focused deadlines and follow the calendar like its their commandment.

Now lets get to the designing part of things. If you are a user interface designer you probably have made a calendar before, and know exactly how to tackle this task. However for those who need some help before starting, we are here to help you!

For you inspiration cause we collected stunning calendar interface designs. Most of the images were collected from invite only design communities Dribbble and Forrst. Our goal is to help you design a pixel perfect calendar for the web app, mobile app, or any other service you’re working on. Some designers try to go all out and jam pack every single feature they can think of. Remember that simplicity and functionality is the way to go. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing a calendar:

  • Keep it Clean – don’t go overboard with colors and gradients
  • Simple – not too many things happening at once
  • Easy to Navigate – my mother who does not even know how to open a new tab in a browser should be able to use it
  • Pleasing to the eye – nobody likes an ugly design

1.  Calendar App

2.  Calendar

3. Calendar & button

4. Fantastical

5. Fantastical 2

6. Calendar & Notes

7. Calendar

8. Calendar Overlay

9. xhtml calendar

10. Calendar wooden theme

11. Small calendar

12. Calendar

13. Bureau Calendar

14. Calendar UI

15. Desktop app UI

16. Calendar on Equine site

17. Another Calendar

18. Calendar

19. Calendar

20. Type-a-Calendar

21. Calendar Rebound (Light)

22. Septiembre

23. Date picker

24. Date Picker

25. Calendar Dates

Calendar Icons

1.  Calendar

2. Nonworking Days Calendar for iOS

3. Calendar

4. Calendar App Icon

5. Upojenie HD – Calendar

6. Tweaked Calendar Icon

7. Calendar

8. iPhone icon for app

9. Date Selection

10. Monthly Billing


PSD Downloads

1. Calendar by Orman Clark

2. Calendar by Jonno Riekwel

3. Black Calendar by Farzad Ban

4. Hotel reservation calendar by Themefuse

5. Calendar by Manuel López

6. Calendar by Dalton Hurd

7. Calendar Icon by Pawel Kadysz

8. Calendar Revision

9. A minimalist calendar widget

10. Calendar Icon

11. Calendar Icon

12. Calendar Datepicker

13. Event Calendar Widget PSD

14. Calendars PSD

15. Detailed Calendars

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