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What is the secret to beautiful yet intuitive web user interfaces?  The answer might be found in elegant UI design patterns.


This eBook from UXPin uses a problem/solution approach to discuss today’s most useful web UI design patterns from top companies including Pinterest, LinkedIn, OKCupid, Spotify, Amazon, Kickstarter, and AirBnB. 

With an abundance of visuals and examples, Web UI Design Patterns 2014: A Deeper Look at the Hottest Websites and Web Apps Today is a straightforward, easy-to-read guide on web UI design patterns.  From it, you will learn about 63 design patterns as well as answers to real-world web UI problems, including:

  • How do you make your web user experience as easy as possible for your user without sacrificing functionality?
  • How can you adapt your web UI to touch screens and responsive design?
  • What are the key differences between large and small touchscreen devices that have driven new UI conventions, and what design patterns can you use to best address these new practices? 
  • What specific UI patterns make for the simplest yet most intuitive web UI?

For mobile UI design patterns, check out the Mobile UI Patterns 2014 eBook.


So take a look and feel free to share if you find it helpful. Both e-books from UXPin look at how design patterns should be treated more like product features rather than stenciled outlines.

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