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There’s this wonderful and pretty accurate explanation of social media sites circling the web. It states:

Social Media Explained:

  • Twitter – I’m eating a #donut.
  • Facebook – I like donut.
  • Foursquare – This is where I eat donuts.
  • Instagram – Here’s an artsy shot of my donut.
  • YouTube – A tutorial of how to eat donut.
  • LinkedIn – Here are my special donut eating skills.
  • Tumblr – Reblog if you love my donut.
  • Google+ – Here’s an in-depth donut 101.
  • Pinterest – Here’s a donut recipe. Or the many flavors of donut.

Out of all the social media sites above, the last one struggled to be accepted by the business people as a clever marketing tool and not just a digital scrapbook. It took a total of three years but, nowadays, Pinterest is one of the most used – and with great results – advertising resource to create brand awareness. So much so that 60% of major, globally-recognized brands use their Pinterest account to promote their products and services.

Pinterest’s growth and rise to be a must-have ad tool has spawed an influx of numerous resources, tools, and third-party apps. A lot of them have come and gone but there are a few power players that emerged providing comprehensive advertising packages to aid businesses maximize their marketing strategy and benefit from the meteoric rise of visual social networking.

A few of the tools and resources are 100 % free, while some are free for a certain period of time. Afterwards, it would then require a fee to acquire advanced features for in-depth use of the web site’s resources. For small or new business with limited marketing budget, the free tools are good enough to use for branding. However, for businesses with sufficient ad budget, opting for advanced features is much more effective and convenient for marketing. But, even if you’re just a regular pinner, these tools are great to utilize, to explore, and increase your social network presence.

Here are seven Pinterest tools that every pinner should try.



If you would like to find a pinner or a group of pinners that share your interests, passions, and tastes, PinGroupie is certainly the tool for you. It allows you to easily search for the group or organization which you can join and be a part of. You can collaborate with groups to promote your profile, build camaraderie with other Pinterest users, and make use of this tool as an ad strategy to make your brand known.

2. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics | Pinterest for Business (20141226)

Pinterest Analytics is definitely the tool that will help you see, understand, and scrutinize Pinterest’s user data. You’ll see what other pinners love about your pins and boards. It ultimately helps you observe and figure out how Pinterest can help you increase your website traffic via the Pin It button.

3. Pin Search | Image Search on Pinterest

Pin Search

This extension, which is powered by Google, is a huge help especially if your work or passion has something to do with images or searching for particular photos or illustrations. The Pin or Image Search extension lets you use Google Search by Image to provide you with an abundance of details about the picture you found on Pinterest. You can find related pictures and a list of all the web sites where the photo appears.


Viralwoot - Pinterest Promotion, Analytics and Pin Scheduler tool - Get Pinterest Followers and Repins - Pinterest Marketing - More Pinterest Followers - Advertising On Pinterest (20141226)

This app, formerly known, as Pinwoot is a clever networking strategy where you can gain more followers through “seeding”. It’s basically a more streamlined and high-quality social media exchanges where you gather “seeds” by following other pinners and give away your seeds to gain more followers. If you’re new to Pinterest and struggling to successfully launce your profile, this is the best tool to use.



Facebook is, undoubtedly, the most popular social media site. With this knowledge, Pinvolve creators sync Pinterest and Facebook posts or pins. This way, whatever you pin on your boards, they’ll automatically be synced and seen from your Facebook profile or page. This spells a broader reach and awareness, especially for businesses.


Viraltag | Pinterest Marketing & Management Tool for Brands, Businesses & Bloggers (20141226)

This is a great tool if you can’t visit and look through all your social network sites on a daily basis. ViralTag lets you schedule your content in various social media platforms all at once. This not only saves you time and effort, it’s also a great way to organize and systematize your advertising strategy.


Share As Image | The fastest way to double your social engagement. (20141226)

You don’t need to have a degree in graphic design or be adept in Photoshop to transform your photos or text into a material that’s micro-content compatible. With ShareAsImage, you’ll have the tools to create a social media-worthy photo-text material in just a couple of minutes.

Pinterest has definitely upped the ante on branding and advertising strategies for small, medium, and large business enterprises alike. Make sure to try out and utilize these tools to suit your marketing needs.

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