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‘The early bird catches the worm’ is something that all early morning risers will testify to. When you rise early, you can accomplish a great many things making you more productive.

But not everyone is as enthusiastic about mornings, like for instance the night owls. They stay up late into the night, making it difficult to rise in the morning. For such people, early morning is not the apt time of the day.

If woken up, they stay irritable and grumpy. If you are not a morning person, but want to have a productive day, you can easily turn your tired disposition into a vibrant and enthusiastic mood with some simple hacks and no, coffee doesn’t feature in them.

Hack #1: Set the alarm early

Alarm clock standing on the night stand inside the bedroom

While waking up early is certainly the most difficult part of your morning, it needs to be done as the extra time will help you warm up and become fully awake.

When you start waking up early, your body will adjust to the routine and soon you will start rising with the sun and loving it too.

Remember, morning people achieve the most, and by having the extra time you can accomplish all the other 6 hacks here.

Hack #2: Make a list of things to accomplish

When you have your whole day planned it is easier to make it more productive. And if you have decided on your long-term objectives, this planning will help you get closer to your objectives.

With each day planned and executed well, you will be able to work better and increase your quality of life. You will feel confident, happy and enjoy every single day.

Hack #3: Hydrate properly

Water drop falling

Water is a vital component of your body. Keeping the body hydrated well is one way to make your mornings brighter.

If plain water is not to your liking, add a few drops of lemon to it. Lemon juice is a very good anti-toxin. It gets rid of the toxins in your body and at the same time keeps it hydrated.

Green tea is another good option. Choose as per your individual taste.

Hack #4: 10 minute workouts

Exercises help to keep your circulation active and get you out of the grogginess. But before you start the workouts, do some stretching.

Bodyweight exercises such as lunges, crunch, sprinting, jumping jack and squats are ideal early morning as they boost energy and lift your mood instantly.

And you will love them more, if they are just for 10 minutes. With the workouts, you will stay active and make your day a highly productive one and best of all it will keep you off the coffee. Make sure you put on the best shoes for weightlifting or training when you do these workouts to keep your feet free of excessive stress.

The exercises de-stress sore muscles and wake up your body in the most effective way. Further, the workouts also retrieve the brain from its sleep dormant state.

Hack #5: Wake up to your favorite music

young hipster man playing vinyl music in the morning

If you are not a fan of an alarm clock, and an ardent music lover, wake up to a catchy tune instead. With smartphones, it is easy to wake up listening to rock, country, hip-hop or whatever music you favor. You will be in a much vibrant mindset and look forward to your day.

Hack #6: Develop a starter routine

Pick a routine that keeps your mornings lively and chase away the sleepiness.  Have a sequence of tasks like drinking a glass of warm water immediately after waking up, doing meditation for a few minutes followed by workout and so on.

When you adhere to such routine tasks it will help activate your brain and get into working mode so you can be at your productive best all day long. The routine also has other advantages such as overcoming sluggishness and accomplishing things that you are reluctant to work on.

Hack #7: Manage energy instead of time

Young man taking a basketball shot at his home court

It is a proven fact that some tasks get done faster and effectively when done during certain times of a day. For instance, your creativity is at its peak early in the morning, so accomplishing creative tasks like writing, drawing or designing give best results at this time. Afternoons can be set aside for tasks that do not need much creativity like answering emails, phone calls and interviews.

Your morning routines need not be restricted to the above hacks alone. Add any other hack that you feel would brighten up your day like reading, meditating etc.

When you have all the simple hacks honed to perfection and develop a great morning routine, you can accomplish countless number of things that had earlier been just a dream for you.  

So, what are you waiting for? follow these hacks and give your life a much-needed boost and become confident, successful and happy!

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