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If you’re thinking about traveling the globe, it’s completely worth it, but you might want to consider reading some great literature on the subject before you take off.

Having a better understanding will actually help you have a better time in your travels. Below I’ve listed my favorites travel books that will help you get a grip before you take your trip. These books will teach you an abundance of information. You’ll learn about cultural norms, how to find cheap flights, how to pack lightly, how to find work while you travel, and much more.

As always, I’m not here to sell you snake oil. If you don’t wish to take my word please read the reviews. All of these books can be purchased on, so before you click the buy button see what others have said about it. Without any doubt these books have changed my perspective about travel, which I’m deeply thankful for. If you’re a bit skeptical about traveling the world, which I assume you are, these books will definitely open your eyes. Enjoy!


Life Nomadic by Tynan (Available for Kindle too)

Life Nomadic by Tynan

For those like me, a little more on the nomadic side, this book is a wonderful resource. Tynan gives some great advice for practical matters and will inspire you to travel the globe. The best part about this book is how it taught me to travel for next to nothing. With this book, you have a unique opportunity to learn how to take cruises, book hotels and flights for just pennies on the dollar.

It’s hard to believe, but there are methods to make it work for those of us who aren’t in that 1%. Tynan also provides some incredible packing tips, teaches you how to adapt to culture, and shows you how to utilize technology to your advantage. It’s a good read. Depending on your reading speed, you can probably finish it in one day.

Buy $3.99 – $17.99


How to Live a Life of Travel by Derek Earl Baron (Wondering Earl)

How to Live a Life of Travel by Derek Earl Baron

If you’re a casual traveler, this is probably not the best book for you. This is for those who want to turn their light travels into a lifestyle of exploring, learning, and adventuring. This book is the ultimate guide to learning how to make ends meet, eat frugally, and sleep for next to nothing, if not free, all around the world.

The best thing that this book offers is a solution to all my objections to traveling. It told me why it’s alright to travel alone, what immunizations to get, and how to deal with people who don’t like the idea of me traveling (The old, “It’s too dangerous to travel the world,” argument). I would highly recommend this book to future travelers.

Buy $27.00


This Book Is About Travel by Andrew Hyde (Available for Kindle too)

travel book

This is more than a book, it’s a manual. Andrew spent almost two years on the road traveling to 15 countries with only a backpack of 15 things. If you’re looking to learn the stories and adventures of those who make the jump into a life of travel with only a backpack, then this is your guide.

Buy $3.99 – $9.00


Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts


This is my favorite out of all seven books on my list. Rolf talks about the advantage of taking time off from your normal life and traveling the world. He talks about how travel can truly be for anyone and provides great detail about how to travel on a budget, decide where you’re going to go, and even how to get work while on the road. If you had to only read one book about traveling, this book would be my top pick.

Buy $8.06 – $8.48


The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World by Chris Guillebeau

The Art of Non-Conformity

I’ve never been a big fan of self-help books, but this one is an exception because it goes much further than just letting you know how to live your life differently. Chris Guillebeau is the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup. In this book he addresses some of the biggest issues with traveling and conformity. This is the ultimate guide to learning how to work for yourself while making large goals achievable.

Buy $9.53 – $10.03


How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter by Matt Kepnes

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

The biggest objection that most people have against traveling the world is that it’s expensive. Kepnes does a wonderful job debunking that myth. Not only will this book be your guide to finding cheap alternatives to the biggest expenses in traveling, but it will also help you through your journey of experiencing this beautiful planet. If you’re unsure about $9, feel free to check out his travel blog ( to get an idea of what he is all about.

Buy $9.02 – $9.49


Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke by Editors of Off Track Planet


This book explores 100 different and exciting destinations all around the world that you’ve always wanted to travel to. Learn about the best places in the world to get inked, why you should try to eat bugs and of course, where to party harder than you ever have in your life. This book truly gives you a little bit of everything that you’ve been waiting for.

Buy $9.99 – $11.84

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