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Generally businesses spend a huge amount of time and energy on promoting their brand in the market. One of the biggest mistakes they make is forgetting to create and promote their brand in their own offices. Here are 7 unconventional ideas that the designers can give their clients to promote their brand in their office as well.

1. Sculpture

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How much money does a business spend on buying fancy showpieces to decorate their office?  Instead of decorating their offices with random showpieces, they can actually get a sculpture built resembling their logo/mascot which can be placed at the entrance/waiting area of their office. Not only will this look unique, but it gives a strong impression of the company to whoever enters the office, from their own staff to their clients. This strong move shows that your company takes passion in what it does, as well as sending the message of “We mean business!”

Tip: The sculpture can be made from Thermocol sheets to heavy metals depending on the spending capacity of the business unit .

2. Furniture

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Most of the businesses try to co ordinate their furniture or wall colors to their logo/brand, but very few take the pains to actually get their furniture designed differently from the one available in the market. Always remember, people always notice and remember things which are unique. Believe it or not in a social environment they will share that story of how your office has a really cool desk. To give you some examples/ideas check out this article: 5 Astounding Workspaces of Successful Internet Companies

Tip: Furniture can be shaped in resemblance to the logo, or only specific elements of the logo can be picked and added to the furniture items .

3. Wall clock

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A variety of wall clocks are available in the market today. Let them know to just tweak its concept a bit to incorporate their brand into it.


  1. Take their company’s logo and replace the no. 1 in in clock with it
  2. Get the no’s painted on the wall so that they connect resemble their logo in an interesting yet noticeable manner.

These small things can make lasting impression on their clients.

4. Mobile Cover / Laptop Cover

As simple as it sounds this one is a given. Have you seen the mobile/Laptop cover market growing like anything recently? Since the Desktop market is fading slowly, laptops, cell phones, and tablets are probably the top three electronic devices used on a daily basis. The business can provide their staff with cool mobile and laptop covers. Service like will help then achieve that task easily. They will get double benefits:

  1. They promote your brand.
  2. Their staff loves receiving  useful stuff for free.

5. Visiting Card holder

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Yes, most businesses get creative business cards designed, but forget that the holder for the business cards is of equal importance as well.
Suggest getting a sleek business card holder designed for their employees. It will definitely give their business an edge over the others.

6. Paper Weights

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How many papers do employees have on their desk? Without thinking you can probably guess a good amount. Instead of using random items to hold down the stack, why not suggest getting a custom designed paper weight.

7. Goodie Bag/Basket

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A goodie bag can be made and given to a few selected clients. The bag can include things like key-chains, notepads, folders, fancy desk fans, calculators, innovative book marks, photo frames, stress balls, your company brochures, and any innovative thing you can think of. There are very many online services that enable you to customize your own items with your name and logo. Take this to your advantage, and order things that show resemblance to your brand image.


You can take the following tips and implement them for your business. If you are a freelancer, suggest them to your clients. Not only with this help your client stand out, but will also give them the impression you are a bright person with creative ideas! meaning they will be coming back to you for your wisdom. What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you ever implemented any of these ideas? If so, be sure to share the outcome in the comment section below. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on TwitterFacebook (100% Spam Free!) If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to comment,  and help us spread the word with your peers!

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