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There is a lot that us designers need to keep up with if we want to become the successful designers we aim to be. Trends are forever changing, clients are always requesting additional features and new technologies are always keeping us on our toes.

So below I have listed a few apps that I personally couldn’t do without. From helping me stayed organised, providing me with inspiration and a couple of apps that let me get away from it all! It would be great to see what apps other designers are using so feel free to add comments below!


Find out which colours your favorite websites are using with This app is super easy to use and spits out HEX and RGB values to help you with your designs.

Price: Free – Download from iTunes



For a constant source of high quality inspiration download this app! It’s also perfect for gaining inspiration on the go or on your way to visit a client!

Price: Free – Download from iTunes



Tasks soon become a pleasure to complete with Clear. Its stunningly beautiful interface is a pleasure to interact with hopefully encouraging improved productivity.

Price: $1.99 – Download from iTunes



There is one huge difference that makes Wallpapr different from other wallpaper apps – their wallpapers don’t suck! Show people you care about design – extend your style on to your iPhones screen!

Price: Free – Download from iTunes



An ultra simple collaboration app that just makes sense. Attach wireframes, mockups, PSD’s etc and communicate efficiently with your co-workers.

Price: Free – Download from iTunes



Keeping up-to-date with industry news, trends, techniques etc is a must for all designers. With the help of Flipboard you can organise what is important to you in a friendly format.

Price: Free – Download from iTunes



View your pixel perfect designs that you have created on your Mac on your iOS devices in realtime. Especially useful when designing for Retina displays!

Price: Free – Download from iTunes



Dots is a beautfuly designed game that keeps things simple yet addictive. Perfect for those little moments you get between clients or on the journey home from the office!

Price: Free – Download from iTunes

Posted by Nicholas Craig

Nick is a web/graphic designer based in the UK. He enjoys designing pixel perfect graphics and user-friendly websites. In his spare time Nick is a keen photographer and gadget enthusiast! You can view Nick's personal portfolio at

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