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Ever wonder how to find good food while you’re traveling? Or how friends and family discover the best new restaurants they’re recommending? They might be using an app to learn about the latest and greatest in cuisine in the area to discover these culinary gems.

Below are 8 helpful restaurant reviewing apps to let you discover and explore the newest and most popular eateries around.

8 Must-Have Restaurant Review Apps for iPhone:

1. Zagat to Go


The paper version of the Zagat Guide has been around since 1979, making this a classic go-to resource for restaurant reviews and new dining out ideas. With a vast compilation of reviews from restaurants worldwide, this app gives users comprehensive global culinary information.

The Zagat to Go app allows offline browsing in places without an Internet connection, which can be very handy in a new city or while traveling. With a year’s worth of reviews for 45 different cities, this app is far superior to the printed Zagat Guide, and can be very helpful.

Android | iOS

2. VegOut Vegetarian Restaurant Guide


This app caters to vegetarians and vegans, allowing users to find healthy, meat-free restaurants via a list of those in the area, as well as offering a handy search feature for finding an establishment by name.

The VegOut app allows users to share reviews of restaurants, with mapping and phone numbers to find the way to delicious vegetarian and vegan fare.


3. Foodspotting


This app focuses more on the type of food you’re craving, so if you’re in the mood for Greek, Mexican, Asian, or seeking a particular dish, the Foodspotting app will lead the way.

With ratings, photos of specific dishes and user reviews, this app can let you know exactly what you’re getting and where to go to find it the next time you have a craving.

Android | iOS

4. LocalEats


The Local Eats app is for the discriminating foodie who wants to stay away from the boring chain restaurants and find the lesser known mom-and-pop, locally owned, or small regional chain places to go for great food.

Based on the book Where the Locals Eat, this app shares with users what it considers the best off-the-beaten-path 100 restaurants in 50 different cities, including restaurant price range and food genre information, address and phone number.

Android | iOS

5. Urbanspoon


Especially helpful for those who travel a lot, the Urbanspoon app offers users a built-in GPS so users can search and find the restaurants closest to their current location.

In addition to allowing users to rate restaurants, this app also integrates newspaper, food blog and Internet media into the restaurant descriptions, for an informative and comprehensive reviewing system.

Android iOS

6. Where to Eat?


The Where to Eat? app contains over 45 cuisine types, offering the user a global map that displays the closest places to eat, based on location.

With user ratings and reviews, this app also allows users to personalize it to their tastes by removing, sorting, adding and renaming the information as they choose.


7. Yelp


This app is maintained by the people, for the people, and well-known for its ability to make or break a restaurant with good or bad reviews.

Yelp contributors and users can write and read honest reviews about all of the local restaurants, bars, bakeries and diners in town, so remember take this fun app with a grain of salt, because everyone has different favorite flavors and ideas of what makes a dish delish.

Android | iOS

8. Open Table


The Open Table app is especially useful if you live in a larger city or densely populated area, as it can very quickly let you know if that restaurant you’re thinking about is even an option by giving you available tables and reservation times.

Once you give your location, this app will open a Google map to show restaurants in the area that participate in the network, allowing users to make reservations once you have an Open Table account.

Android | iOS

There’s no need to worry about what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner: just use one of the handy apps above to find exactly the food you’re in the mood to eat, and have a fun new dining experience.

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