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If you want to succeed as a blogger then you must bring in some traffic to your blog. Your success would totally depend upon the size of web traffic that your blog receives. Today you have many tools to know how much traffic is coming to your blog. One such tool is Google Analytics. However, you must know how to analyze the traffic.

You must able to read and understand the data or information shown in Google Analytics. What are those important factors or variables that you must take into consideration while you analyze the data? Well! I have listed eight important factors that you must know about the traffic coming to your blog.

Traffic Source

First thing that you have to read is the traffic source. From where visitors are coming to your blog. They can come from search engines like Google, Yahoo etc, they can come from social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or directly typing your URL in their address bar.

Normally maximum traffic will come from search engines. Hence, you have to take care of SEO aspects for your blog. We will discuss this in coming topics. Similarly, the traffic coming from Facebook, Twitter or other Web 2.0 websites is also important. We will talk about this later in the blog.


Second thing to notice in Google Analytics is Keywords. What are those keywords that people are typing in search engines and coming to your blog? You have to note down all those keywords in an excel spreadsheet. You have to create content around these keywords. If you do this then you would be ranked high in search engines. That would mean more traffic to your blog. Therefore, keywords are very important.


Third factor would be demographics. Now, demographics combine many things like country, language, age, gender of visitors. You do have to take care of these variables. If you know from where most of your visitors are coming, then you can tailor your content according to them. If your blog is in English then it should focus on USA mainly, you can also focus UK, Canada etc. Similarly, other factors like age and gender are also important. Age will tell how young your audience is.

New Visitors

Google analytics also tells you about new visitors or unique visitors coming to your blog. You must try to know who these unique visitors are. What they want from your blog? You should regularly observe the new visitors coming to your website on daily basis. This will tell you how well your website is doing. If daily, you are getting new visitors then your readership is growing.

Visiting Time

Visiting time is related to previous point that is unique visitors. Therefore, I would not stretch more as you know better what it means. It simply means how much time they are staying on your website. It would include time spend on one page and other pages on your blog. Hence, your home page must have good content and create some more pages.

Bounce Rate

Visiting time and bounce rate are also interrelated. Bounce rate means how quickly visitors are leaving your website. Reducing bounce rate would be a great challenge. You can only reduce it when you are able to find out what are the reasons that visitors are leaving your website so quickly. It could be poor blog design, same content, too many ads etc.


Visitors, visiting time and bounce rate can come in one category. Now, next thing that Google Analytics could tell you about your blog traffic is different platforms from which people are accessing your blog. People can access your blog from their desktop, laptop or mobile devices. In future, more and more people will access your blog through handheld devices. Therefore, you must start targeting people who are on the go. Your blog must appeal to people from all platforms.


Technology would here mean the types of browsers people are using to visit your blog. Although it does not make any big difference but for better understating you should know. Browsers can be Safari, IE, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome etc.


Finally, I would conclude by saying Google analytics can teach you many things regarding your blog traffic. However, eight factors that you have to consider are following.

  1. Traffic Source
  2. Keywords
  3. Demographics
  4. New Visitors
  5. Visiting Time
  6. Bounce Rate
  7. Platform
  8. Technology

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