Your blog should not be taken lightly, it must sustain a professional manner. Essentially it shows what kind of person you are. To fully take advantage and let everybody know you mean business, we have listed interesting ways of improving your WordPress blogs. It’s totally up to you how you manage your blogs after following these useful tips:

Readers should feel free to comment

All readers and visitors should be at liberty to submit their comments on your blog. Their comments should be given special significance, and try to post them all after review. If you want them to comment on your blog, then you must install “TDO Mini Forms Plug-in.” It will automatically enable the readers and visitors to comment on the posts at your blog. This system is quite safe and easy, as all comments will be placed in the “draft” and after your approval, they will be published on the surface of your blog.

A user’s comment, whether it’s gentle or a harsh one, has its own importance. These comments show their interest and affiliation with your WordPress blog. Let them say and you should just try making your blog according to their needs and enjoy by keeping an eye on their random posts.

Break the comments, divide on pages

Once you start receiving their comments on your posts, break down these comments into different pages. Why you need to do it? It’s very simple, as it might be possible that some comments are too lengthy and taking enough space. If you break them into other pages, then you can make enough space for new comments.

Similarly, don’t show full comments on the first page, and make their continuation on some other page of your blog. To break down comments, you need to install “Paginated Comments.” It is a special WordPress Plug-in, which is developed to serve you better by optimizing your blog for search engines.

Captions are good; make good captions

You can use some outstanding image captions to give weight age to your WordPress blog. To do this, you can use “Image Caption Plug-in” to add some unique captions or amend the existing ones. Remember that you need to always choose a good caption for your image and it should be self-spoken. Well-attributed images can speak up to thousand words. So, use good captions and communicate through images.

Images vs. text

You can convert images into text. This will dramatically enhance the display of your blog. You can do it easily by using the “FLIR Plug-in” to easily covert your image into text format. By doing this, you don’t need to change the HTML codes. It’s really exciting if you are just a beginner. You can take the advantage of this tool if you are using a browser where “JavaScript” is enabled.

Use copyright protection

Safeguard you posts with copyrighting tool. It’s important to save your entire content from being copied by other bloggers or users. Once your content is protected, then no one can publish it on his blog or website until you permit him to do so. Now, all you have to do is to install “Simple Feed Copyright Plug-in” by uploading specific folder into the plug-in directory. Once it’s done, then you can activate it from the main menu.

After doing this, all your content will have a copyright note at the end of the post. Ultimately, this will protect your precious content from being plagiarized.

Update your readers

Readers of your blog should be well-informed about any new post or any amendment on your blog. You can do this through “Notifixious Plug-in.” It will help you inform your readers via IM whenever something new happens to your blog. This is the best way to increase readership of your blog.

Get rid of duplicates

You don’t want to create or have some duplicate posts on your blog. Can you afford to have a bad impression of your well-maintained blog? Of course, you don’t want to have such duplicates, which can ruin the impression of your outstanding blog. To get rid of such embarrassments, you can use the automatic feature of “Delete Duplicate Posts” plug-in.

This Plug-in is quite effective and can help you a lot by easily detecting duplicates. Once it’s done, it can delete the duplicates easily.

Manage multiple blogs

So, you want to manage multi blogs from a single dashboard? Yes, you can do it with the help of “ManageWP Worker.” It’s a charismatic WordPress Plug-in that lets you manage multiple blogs at the same time, even from a single dashboard. Its one-click-feature will let you control any of your blogs without disturbing your existing work.

These are some of the best tips, which you can easily follow in order to give your blog an impressive look. It’s not difficult to master these outstanding tips, as anyone can do this with greater ease. The above said plug-ins is quite essential for a presentable WordPress blog. So, if you care about your blog, then use these techniques to make it more unique and user-friendly. Remember that you can create a good blog without doing much hard work, if you apply these tools. So, rest is all up to you!

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