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Halloween is swiftly approaching us, so we decided to get everybody in the spirit with this skulltastic collection! A while back, I remember meeting a person on Twitter that wanted us to do a skull based collection. At the time (almost everyday) I was very busy. Now with more time, I decided to accommodate his request. So if you are reading this my friend we hope you enjoy this, you know who you are. ūüėČ

Kinda crazy to think a simple item like a skull could have so many creative outcomes. The relationship that artist and designers have with skulls is unexplainable. Usually when people think of a skull, they automatically symbolize it with death. Some of the artworks listed below express that fact quite a few times. While we cannot escape it, death scares some people. If you hate skulls, then obviously this collection is not for you.

Today we have collected some of the best skull based designs and artworks. We searched the web for an infinite* amount of hours and have managed to grow this collection all the way up to 90 pieces!  We hope that this collection will inspire you in a numerous amount of ways. Because this is such a massive post, we cannot afford to have all of the images loaded onto a single page. We have separated this article into two parts, each one of them will contain 45 pieces of artworks.

Note: Keep in mind that all of the images are linked to their original source.

Pale Horse Shirt Mariachi


Skull Tee

Astronaut Skull Tee

Skull Hill

Money Skull

The Book of Skulls

Mastermind Skull Ring

Vladi Rapaport Skull Chair

Skull Garden Chair

Skull Tea Bag

Death Pop

Tom French Skull

Aldebaran Skull

Girl Skull

Mickey Mock


The 3D Star Punk

That’s All Folks



Skull Bolt

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