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One page websites are very popular today for several reasons. Why? Have you heard the saying “One father is worth more than a hundred schoolmasters?” Using a single page approach, you can please your audience by offering a simple but comprehensive solution to their problem. Rather than exhausting every last detail, you can do more with less.

What’s a one page website?

A one page website distills all the thoughts you would put into a multi-page website and collects them in one place. This means being very concise and focused. Since most of your competitors will have sites with multiple pages, you must differentiate yourself to stand out. In many ways, a single page site is like a PPC landing page, but must also meet all the needs people expect from an entire website. The typical PPC landing page is used only for ad display, and fails to fall into the full-fledged website category.

Features of a One Page Website

  • Single URL with a single page display online
  • Highly focused content with concise but comprehensive details
  • Quick and Easy view to complete details for visitors
  • No complex issues as it is a single page display
  • Smart category process of selling
  • Quick and quality display
  • No hidden structures and everything is systematic

Why there is a Need of a One Page Website?

Today, there is a huge competition everywhere. People are looking for quality sites. Without quality, you can’t expect results, either online or offline. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. If you really want to stay out of the box, you need to have quality work. This is absolutely necessary in order to survive in this cutting edge competitive world for a long time. Quality comes from innovative ideas. If you can develop innovative ideas, you can produce quality.

However, while maintaining quality and innovation, you should not forget trends. You have to give people what they want today. A one page site, done correctly, is an innovative idea that gives you a fresh and unique appearance to consumers. You need to strike while the iron is hot. The mantra for success is to maintain quality while keeping your people in mind.

Questions to Ask before designing a single page website

How do you design a one page website? What are the important criteria to maintain while designing the site?

You must start by deciding what key points need to be conveyed. Design your website keeping all these points in mind.

Concise yet Comprehensive Content

You must produce high value content. Use simple yet standard writing, and present your content convincingly. People always like to read small paragraphs, which are more readable than large blocks of text. Present your content so that it easily gets across your whole idea, and people don’t get lost in the details. Design your site around the content, and focus on creating a unique and consistent style.

Horizontal Navigation

If you are using horizontal navigation, this can help you stand out. Our eyes skim sideways more easily than downward, and it is easier to draw the user’s attention to things that you want to draw attention to.

Clear and Distinct Display

Your page should be completely clear and everything should be easily found. As soon as somebody lands on your page, they immediately make their first impression. When it is clear where everything can be found and what the page is about, you can expect them to stay longer.

A Large Background Can Help You

Using a large background, you can give your page a distinct appearance that makes it appear fresh and unique, swaying users to stay on the page longer. It can help mark off different sections of your content, making it easy to navigate. This gives you a more aligned approach and makes you appear more professional.

JavaScript and Ajax

JavaScript and Ajax allow you to incorporate slideshows, giving your audience a more interactive experience. By using advanced technology, rather than plain text, you send the right message to your audience and create a more engaging experience, keeping you in the market for the long haul.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Choosing to create a single page website has its ups and downs. You must have a very clear reason why you are choosing to do things differently. Once you are clear on your ideas, you can build a contemporary website with strong appeal to today’s generation of consumers.


  • No need to load pages during navigation
  • Quicker view process to give more users’ attention
  • Lower bounce rate as the page will keep viewers’ attention
  • Easy maintenance as you need to maintain only a single page
  • Focus on Great Design – You can attract views and impact your audience using better design
  • Most effective SEO friendly content
  • Users learn everything they need to know in a single page, and don’t get lost


  • Unable to avoid large file size in comparison with multi-page sites.
  • Important usage of scripting or CSS3 support otherwise you cannot provide a stand alone.
  • Tabbing through elements can be difficult
  • The design must be highly creative and appealing, or a single page site will appear amateur
  • The page can take a long time to load if it isn’t properly optimized, which will scare off users.

What’s the takeaway?

Serious businesses need to use effective strategies to make an impact. You need a clear plan before building an online business. Single page sites are appealing to the smartphone generation. Focus on creating the best possible user experience, and differentiating yourself from your competitors.

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