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If you have hired a web designer to create and upload your website to the internet, you will want to make certain you test your product before its released to the public. Your new website may look great, have creative graphics, and fun user content but that doesn’t mean it runs at its highest performance. Oftentimes designers are more concerned with layouts, graphics and content. This means they may over look the most critical part of building a website. Important performance matters such as download speeds, accessibility, and browser usability are all extremely critical areas that need to be tested.

Testing the speed of your website should be one of the most important tests you run. If your site takes more than 10 seconds to load, you will most likely lose visitors instantly. Today’s marketplace is extremely competitive and if you website is not running as fast as possible users will not have the patience to wait. Broadband users will often have a faster response, but many people still use modems. You also must remember that more and more people are using their mobile phones to access the internet and websites. This means comprehensive speed testing will be critical.

Another important test for your new website is browser compatibility. Any professional web designer knows to check the website on a variety of browsers. This test is critical so that all users can access your site through any and all browsers. Make sure your are testing on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox are the most used browsers. The numbers for Google Chrome are beginning to rise. This browser is often the best to use to enter different types of websites. What is most important in these tests is that your website is completely readable on all browsers.

You can purchase website performance testing tools and run them yourself. This type of performance test for websites will be able to provide you with information on how your website will perform under various situations. A good example is understanding how the site will run during heavy user times. It is common for this to slow down the speed of any well-built site. By running these types of tests you will know what kinks to fix during the building process. This will help you to save money by fixing issues before you upload your website to the public.

To compete in todays world, you need to have a fantastic website. Not only should it look good but it needs to run at optimal performance.

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