The whole concept of Reputation management,  is to monitor your personal brand or business. Let’s hypothetically say that you’re a restaurant owner, who recently had a customer talk unsatisfactorily about their experience at your restaurant. Now for starters, you might not be aware of what exactly happened. Addressing a negative comment, review, or a blog article regarding your business would be highly wise to do. If there was some sort of misunderstanding, be sure to reach out to the customer, apologize, and possibly offer them a free meal on the house next time they come in. Showing you’re sorry and that care about your customers builds commendable trust.

Unfortunately there are people whom are simply shady and completely throw out the idea of actually opening their mouth and speaking their opinion. If they could have simply asked for another meal or complained while they were at the restaurant, things would have gone much better. Instead, as soon as they got home they started to post negative comments on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. about your business.

This sort of problem is highly unfortunate, especially if you morally run your business and actually care about your customers. This is why it’s so important for customers to constantly be honest about their experience and open their mouth if they feel they’ve been mistreated in any way. We’re not in the fifth grade anymore, so people need to stop being tattletales and confront others like adults. Holding your anger and talking badly behind people’s backs is a sleazy tactic.

Let’s play the devils advocate for a second. What if you were mistreated, you said something, but the restaurant still treated your poorly after you confronted them? Then by all means you have the right to speak your mind and let people know about your experience. Every restaurant owner, manager, and employee knows that the customer is always right, even if he or she is acting like a nimrod. So for them to mistreat you after the fact, is absolutely unacceptable.

Today we’ll provide you with a well designed and easy to understand infographic concerning your online reputation. It will take you through the process of monitoring your online rep in an alert manner. Fixing your reputation will result in more customers and more sales. Ignoring online conversations regarding your business will run your business into the ground. We hope this information will help you success. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Guide to Monitoring Your Online Reputation

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