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Rihards Donskis uses Photoshop and a Wacom tablet to create beautiful digital art. He tends to work with illustrations, conceptual arts or just experimenting with whatever he find inspiring and fun! Visual expression is one of his favorite hobbies alongside with 3d art.

“I’m a digital artist who also enjoys traditional mediums alongside with animation. To breathe a life within a character is one of the most exciting things about art!” – Rihards Donskis

He loves painting animals, and all of the look really cute and adorable. The use of colors and the way he paints the animals are simply amazing.  For your inspiration we collected his beautiful illustrations of cats, dogs, and pandas. We are 100% positive your our bound to smile, even if you’re a hardcore tattooed biker with a skull mask and a Harley-Davidson…Enjoy!

Note: All Rights Reserved by Rihards Donskis.

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