Hiring a great developer for your web design and development company sure is a pivotal task. Hiring the developer is not just about getting someone who would code various concepts and all, but you are actually looking forward for a person who can dwell into a long term relationship with your company and prove to be beneficial and productive in the long run.

More than a technical process, hiring a great web developer for a long term relationship with your company, is more of an interpersonal process. In this write up, we shall discuss the guidelines for hiring a great web developer for your online business.

Soliciting Candidates

The more skilled the candidates you get in the beginning, the better it is for your business. There are two plausible approaches that you can follow when it comes to soliciting the candidates for your company.

Active Approach – This requires you to take active participation in the entire process of soliciting candidates. Be involved from the beginning itself, in order to avoid disappointments later. You can find the right candidates from a number of platforms. Linkedin is a nice and groovy way of inviting candidates. You can also go through their recommendations etc and go about the entire process in an easy and amusing way. Other than that you can also go for trade meet ups etc and evaluate the candidates as per your requirements.

Passive Approach – Okay, if you are just to preoccupied or does not have time to go on searching the candidates on your own, you can possibly just design an impressive career opening on your company’s website or drop the notice in the job portal or a job board.

Informal Meeting

Before you get on with the hardcore selection process, the informal meeting may make a lot of difference. Make a note, you are not going to judge the developer but the developer is going to judge you as well. In the informal meeting, the developer does not have to impress you but you have to impress the developer too. Remember, for a web design and development firm, the developer often end up playing a more vital role than the other management verticals.

The passion matters

When you meet the developers, you must sound really passionate about your undertakings. If you are looking for a co partner, you must have a business idea which is backed by facts and figures and you have performed good amount of research for the development of the same.

Other than that, you can ask your in house staff why they like working in your organization. What value addition has your organization brought in their lives. Having an idea of the same, would enable you to sell your organization and your idea in a better way.

At the same time, judge the passion of the other person as well. Quite honestly, you will be able to eliminate a lot of candidates here itself. Choose a comfortable environment, perhaps a coffee shop etc. for this first round.

The Formal Meeting

If the candidates have surpassed the informal meeting, call them up for a professional chatter. Remember, when we say professional, we actually mean business. You must be severe at this stage. Do not freak the developer out, but be ready judge them with a microscopic view.

The formal meeting has two rounds

The technical rendezvous Ask your technical staff to be prepared to quiz this gentleman (or woman) for their technical expertise. Check their coding expertise, discuss the problems, give them a case study and judge the solution they come up with. Also you can prepare a few set of questions before hand, on which each of the candidates will be judges. The question should deal strictly with what your business is all about. A deep rooted understanding of the same shall give you the candidate you are looking for.

Non Technical RendezvousIf the developer has sustained all the previous rounds, unscathed, this is perhaps the final and the biggest road block they may have to cross. If in the technical interview, you judge their skill and knowledge, the non technical interview takes care of the attitude of the developer. It is the attitude of the person which makes up for a long lasting and endearing professional bonds. Judge them now on the criteria of if they will be able to remain in the organization and if not, you must move on, no matter how impressive the skill set of the developer really is.

The Final Stages

Finally, it is the time to make the offer. Before you do that, you can run a little reference check. Look for the subtle hints, that you may get from the references. If everything goes well, make up the offer letter, as per the remuneration decided. The offer letter must be well drafted and signed, and must contain all the necessary details.

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