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Believe it or not, our bodies continuously pick up negative charges – in the form of electrons – as we go about our day. This accumulation of electrons can cause the build up of static electricity in our own body. You will be surprised to know that it can be a source of tension that can make us feel irritable or even anxious.

Alas, this excess of electrons doesn’t easily discharge, because our bodies can bear high voltages of up to 30,000 volts. Now, if we carry such highly charged particles once we go to bed, it can hinder us from getting that much-needed relaxation.

This results in the inability to get into a deeper state of sleep that’s necessary for our well-being. As sleep is undoubtedly essential for all aspects of health, you can’t just let your sleeping quality deteriorate, right?


How does anti-static technology work?

Anti static mattress technology

Here comes anti-static technology to our rescue. Today’s smart anti-static mattress can help our body reduce static electricity to as low as 4,000 volts. This means we can drain tension away while just lying on our beds. Several researches even showed that we can wake up feeling much better with its help.

It’s all thanks to its revolutionary mattress fabric incorporating anti-static technology. It combines synthetic and natural fibres (some containing ultra-thin carbon threads) that ultimately draw out electricity gathered in our body before sending it out to the air.

Under normal circumstances, the human body is able to accumulate high voltages of electricity. However, releasing this static electricity happens only at around 30,000 volts.

The technology of an anti-static mattress makes use of higher conductivity carbon threads in a conductive trilobal core wrapped in a protective nylon envelop. This carbon thread conducts static electricity away and then releases electrons in air with the help of corona discharge nylon at voltages as low as 4,000 volts. Isn’t that amazing?



How can an anti-static mattress benefit you?

An anti-static mattress can have multiple advantages to anyone who wants a good night’s sleep. Some of its benefits include:

  • Less tossing and turning in bed.
  • Waking up feeling better rested.
  • Possibility of experiencing ‘deep sleep’.
  • The anti-static function optimally operates throughout the mattress’ life.
  • Can repel dust.

One of the top specialists in sleep research investigated the benefits of this anti-static technology. They set up experiments with around 26 participants. Each of them was connected to ‘actiwatch’, a device that not only monitored but also recorded participants’ movements while they slept.

The results of this experiment confirmed the above mentioned benefits of this mattress along with the following additional aspects:

  • Less sleep required – All of the participants who slept on the anti-static mattress reported needing around 20 minutes less sleep than normal.
  • Better rested – All of the participants also reported feeling better rested afterwards.
  • Less fidgeting – The participants who slept on the anti-static mattress moved around less than the ones who slept on other mattresses. In essence, they ultimately experienced deeper sleeping levels.

Each and every one of us must get sufficient sleep for good health. So why not try beds with anti-static mattress technology?

Read on to know more about how this technology works and what benefits it has to offer. You can even visit Mattress Inquirer to get more information!

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