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Art on the edge

Street art has always fascinated me. There is an intense beauty in art that is unmotivated by success or social advancement and recognition. Now tagging your pseudonym on a wall of a house or statue can hardly be called art, this is more of an act of pointless vandalism than anything else really. It’s like doodling in somebody else’s notebook. The motivation that drives a true street artist is usually one of two things.

Either the artist wants to make the streets of his/hers town more alive and beautiful or wants to send a message (sometimes it’s both).  Noble goals as they may be it is dangerous work since the authorities of most countries see these people as common vandals. Regardless of these hardships and restrictions street art has evolved and is now an accepted art form. Not surprising when we take into account the breathtaking beauty of their work which even the untrained eye can perceive as something that really takes talent and hard work to achieve.

Illusions on your pavement

Street art has evolved so much that today we have something called Illusion street art or 3D street art. It is done using chalk, pastels and spray paint by extremely skilled artists and takes a lot of planning and creativity. Usually these pieces are done pro bono and have become attractions for tourists and locals regardless of the cities they sprout in.

Of course in recent years a lot of commercial work has been done in the form advertisement or work ordered by city officials that were interested in having an attraction of this type in their city. Being a street artist today is a valid carrier choice so the need to be unique has risen thus contributing to the progress of the genre.

The Illusionists

The man who pioneered this is art form is Kurt Wenner, a master artist and master architect who invented and introduced this technique to the world. Drawing his inspiration from anamorphic perception he invented a new geometry to suit his need and thus 3D pavement art was created. He is also the founder of the first street art festival called I Maddonari which continues to live even today.

Wenner was awarded the Kennedy Center Medallion for his work in educating young artists. By taking a month of every year for ten years and dedicating himself to teaching he passed on some of his knowledge to over 100.000 students of all levels. Today Wenner works around the world and his art is famous around the world. Here are a few samples of his work:

Dies Irae


Fishing in Old Shanghai




Lexus Logo


Nativity 2

Nike LeBron James

Office Stress

Shanghai Tea Party

Sky Comp with figures

Smoothie Ad

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