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A website banner, or as some might call header, will often be the first thing that a new reader sees when they open a web page, as it stretches across the top of the page. In most cases, the website banner should be sure to include the name of the page, company or organization that it is advertising. To keep readers interested, spark interest immediately and capture attention quickly, here are 6 great ideas to include in your own website banner.

1. Be Visually Appealing

This is the first and perhaps most important aspect when it comes to your website banner. As the page loads, the page should be attractive and keep readers from closing the page or opening up a new tab straight away.

2. Include Vital Information

When the website banner pops up across the top of a new page, make sure it holds enough information to make it clear what the page consists of. For many users, the website banner will load faster than the rest of the page. Make sure that the banner contains enough information, such as the host, name of the company or reason for the page, and that the information is clear to understand.

3. Navigation Help

Often a website banner will have information offering up links to different areas of the site. A webpage selling an item, for example, might include tabs on the header that will bring readers to the home page, the orders page and perhaps a list of products or reviews. The header should be the same no matter which page you click on, making the site easy to navigate.

4. Interesting Colors

The first rule of a website banner is to make it visually appealing, and perhaps the best way to do so is to include some bright or bold colors. It need not be multicolored or bright, and even some interesting shading can create interest with a black and white header.

5. Keep it Distinctive

With millions of potential webpages to browse on the internet, set yours apart with a distinctive and clearly recognizable website banner. If people are able to recognize something in a matter of seconds, they are more likely yo keep the page, company or product in their minds and recall it quickly.

6. Include Pictures

There is no need to include a cluttered website banner full of dozens of photos or drawings, but in many cases a distinctive and attractive banner is created most easily with the use of visual aids. A personal blog might include a photo of the author, and a company might include a photo of their best selling product or even a drawing of the mascot.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to quickly draw in readers with a website banner, and then to retain them as they recognize your distinctive brand logo. With visual appeal, vital information for navigation, interesting colors, distinctive logos or pictures, you can create a website that will capture attention quickly and be both attractive and practical. Now that you have some tips/tricks up your sleeve, it’s time for inspiration! Here are 25 beautiful examples of what to do.


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