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Bandopoly is a creative side project by Mark Szulyovszky. This fun spin on band posters focuses on illustrating famous band by only using icons. Originally, Mark came up with this idea while working on an icon only app which teaches users a foreign language.

One night he started to entertain himself by combining unrelated icons. This exercise led him to an interesting question: “Why don’t we have icons symbolizing various bands?” Obviously it’s hard to have one single icon portraying a particular band. So Mark decided to add various icons together.

After that he wanted to put an interesting spin on the idea. He created a guessing game out of them, kind of similar to ThinkInvisible. Because his friends had fun guessing them, he kept creating new posters. In the end Mark decided to share his work with the world, and that’s what you will find below. Enjoy!

bandopoly (1)
bandopoly (2)
bandopoly (3)
bandopoly (4)
bandopoly (5)
bandopoly (6)

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