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Burnout has become a hazard for initially enthusiastic bloggers. Yet without consistently fresh and inspired blogs, the blog could lose readership and ultimately become stagnant. It takes a lot of dedication and self-discipline to maintain a blog and increase its success. The following tips can help bloggers revive their good intentions from the ashes of burnout and transform their blog with these effective practices.


Make Friends with the Calendar

If your blog isn’t job related or a high priority in your workload it can easily be pushed back until weeks—maybe even months go by. Instead, assess your time and make a reasonable blog schedule you can achieve. It’s not a novel—not even a chapter; it’s a post that can be short. Yet even a short and punchy piece can keep the momentum going and inspire your readers to stay connected. The trick is to treat those calendar deadlines seriously and publish on time.


When you simply have too many other commitments to keep up with your blog for a stretch, find a content provider you can work with from time to time. Once you find a couple freelancers you enjoy working with, you can simply employ them to write a blog post on your topic of choice and generally expect to pay an affordable rate for quality writing.

Diversify Mediums

Perhaps stressing about textual content is the problem. If you’re hitting a writing roadblock, consider trying something different for your upcoming post. Make a short video to post or a podcast. Why not create an infographic on a topic that appeals to you?

Enrich Your Idea Center

Many writers need to take content in before they can churn it out. Visit the new releases section of the library’s nonfiction shelves to peruse topics and ideas that might relate to your blog in fresh and exciting ways. Join a forum or a discussion group where conversations are likely to prompt valid ideas.

Google Keywords

If you feel like you’ve hit a dead-end with your topic of choice, consider performing a keyword search in Google to see if any new articles or editorials have been written; a news story might trigger a new angle to take. Try pairing your search terms with unrelated terms to see what pops up in the search; it may inspire a completely original take on your topic.

Make a List

When the paragraphs are putting up a wall, consider making a word list as a ladder to get past that road block in your mind. The simple act of “doing something” is often enough to trigger an idea. If it doesn’t, consider posting a list as your blog post—ten ways to beat writer’s block, five ways to revamp your marketing campaign, seven tips to eat less over the holidays; whatever the topic may be, a simple list can be a great change of pace for the blog.

Blogs need lots of attention from the writer to the audience. To keep an audience invested and tuned in, the blog needs fresh and original content on a regular basis. Keep a notebook handy or use a smartphone app to track ideas whenever you get them. Read other blogs and talk to family members or friends who may be able to discuss some ideas with you. More than anything, make it a priority to banish burnout. Sometimes you just have to ignore the feeling that you’re fried and follow these tips to move beyond it for once and for all.

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