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Corn Palace Motel | Mitchell, SD

Ace Rent-to-Own | Lincoln, NE

Satellite Motel | Omaha, NE

Bronco’s Restaurant | Omaha, NE

Eastwood Motel | Columbia, MO

Arrow Head Motel | Columbia, MO

RV Full Hookups | Bloomfield, IA

Archer Motel | Des Moines, IA

Mel’s Bowl | Redwood City, CA

Monte Carlo Bar & Cafe | Minneapolis, MN

Lowry Hill Liquor | Minneapolis, MN

O.C. McDonald | San Jose, CA

U-Save Liquors | Redwood City, CA

Westside Billiards | San Jose, CA

Orchard Supply Hardware | San Jose, CA

Stephen’s Meat Products | San Jose, CA

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