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Change has always been a primary component of human development. Maybe it’s better not to look at mankind as a linear line of transitioning creatures, but as a single tree continuously budding outward. Though everything changes at a fundamental level as time goes by, it still remains rooted in historicity, genes, and humanity itself.

The thing is, if you’re on a new branch that is expanding outward from an older one, there’s no way you can jump down to that elder limb, is there? Not without a time machine. If you want to be a branch that bears fruit, instead you’ll have to use the knowledge of the precedent limbs to aide in your outward expansion.

Building On The Shoulders Of Giants

Today, older limbs of humanity have produced the foundation for tech solutions the likes of which haven’t been seen in recorded history. You can do your taxes and control your bank account from a smartphone; all you need is an internet connection. As a matter of fact, there are people managing entire businesses from their smartphones.

This little device has almost single-handedly changed the entire face of business and technology. Almost everyone has a smartphone today, and they spend a lot of time on them. Most of that time is divided between varying applications. As it turns out, about 85% of total time people spend on smartphones is divided between several apps.

Basically, 84% of user time is divided between five apps of the user’s choice, and 1% is beyond those primary five. The key to small businesses looking to tap into this branch of human development is creating an app which becomes one of the top five used by your target market.

Available Solutions

Available Solutions

In earlier years this kind of thing could be a costly undertaking, but today it’s more cost-effective than it’s ever been, as designing apps doesn’t necessarily require hiring a professional information technology company. Because there’s such a need for them, many companies are designing solutions which allow customers to make apps themselves.

If you’re confused on how to create an app using services like Zapable, offers an intuitive user-interface which includes: “…over 30 features for you to deploy that will allow you to build a beautifully crafted app perfectly suited to your target audience.” The idea is to make app design accessible to even novice designers.

Have you ever heard of This is a platform that allows users to design their own websites. Think of services like Zapable as the Wix of application development. As your business is starting out, such services can be fundamental. You can design your own website and application while waiting for a plane at the airport.

The Next Step

Granted, as your business expands, you’re necessarily going to want more professional options. You’ll want to find solutions which don’t seem to be sourced through sites like Wix that bear said site’s brand name. But starting out, designing your own site and app could save you substantially while increasing visibility and profitability over time.

Human technology is branching outward, and there’s no use fighting against if you want to remain viable as a business. The solution is to work with it where you can, and even use it to your advantage. It may be a little esoteric at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can use such services to bring in more money.

Everybody’s got a smartphone these days, and that means if you want to reach the most people, sooner or later you’re going to have to learn how smartphones can be used to your advantage.

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