Whether you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized or a place where it is still considered bad, you will always want to get the best out of weed since it has various health benefits and can make you feel happy and relaxed in a lot of ways.

The good news is that moldy weed is now available in almost all parts of the world. My experience says that there is no alternative to smoking a perfectly rolled weed. When you decide to buy some weed, you should bear in mind a couple of things, some of which are mentioned below.


The smell of the product

What does weed smell like? The fact is that well-growing and quality buds will always smell well, and it is easy for anyone to distinguish them from the others. In contrast, the low quality or bad quality buds will have no smell, and it is where you can identify them easily.

It is essential for all of us to avoid the buds that contain no smell since they will not taste well and are not going to give you any kind of health benefit. For example, the rice scents such as chocolate and coffee are present in indica strains, and they are sharp enough to be recognized in no time.


The color

Person Making a Cannabis Joint

It should be noticed that good weed buds always have a green color. The shade, however, can vary slightly, meaning sometimes you will see them in dark colors and sometimes in the light colors. Here you might think whether they are from healthy plants or not, so let me tell you that such kinds of weeds do belong from healthy plants and can benefit you in a lot of ways.

The most unusual colors you might come across are tan, yellow, brown and red, and these will indicate that these weeds are not from good quality plants. Treatment of cannabis leaves was not done.


The structure of the buds

As the general rule, indica buds are dense and tight, and sativa buds are fluffy and light. When you select trimming weed, you should always identify whether they are indica or sativa. When they grow, the indica buds will start looking like sativa, meaning both of them will have an open appearance and contain visible stems.

It is where you can identify them for the quality and consistency. You should not buy the buds that contain open and visible stems since their airy structures are good for nothing. There should be clear distinctions between indica vs sativa buds.



Beautiful Ganja Plant

How long is weed good for? How can I say if weed is of good quality or bad? When the harvest season begins, the cannabis buds need to be trimmed so that the leaves surrounding them can be eliminated to an extent.

It is important to trim the quality cannabis buds so tightly so that no machine trimming is required. The chance is that machine trimming will mangle buds and may disrupt the fragile trichomes, which is not a good thing at all.

Those who buy machine trimmed and untrimmed buds may never be able to get the best out of its benefits as these are the indications of low-quality products and ordinary cultivation practices. You should not buy buds that are mangled with machines because these are of bad quality and should not be preserved or cultivated at any cost.



What is weed nugget? The goal of weed nuggets is to give you a lot of benefits. They are grown well and are produced through selectively cultivated buds that are packed together with ripe trichomes and can give you various health benefits.

The terpenes and cannabis can be stored in this way, and it is easy to identify and distinguish the density of trichome from the others. The quality of buds can be determined by how shining and sparkling the trichomes are. If they look like crystals, then you can easily go with them.

You should avoid buying the buds that do not look frosty because they are not grown through natural processes. Quality cannabis is always dense because of the presence of cannabinoid-rich, white trichomes. If weed is tight, it is good to go with.


Avoid cannabis with pests and molds

The best way to dry buds after harvest is to avoid cannabis that has molds and pests or looks old and awkward. These are the same buds that consist of ordinary materials and are formed through awkward or outdated techniques and methods.

You should bear in mind that healthy plants always have a robust cannabinoid profile, and if you have been searching for the maximum THC content, then you should go with cannabis that has CBD.

With these things in mind, it will be easy for you to buy the weed that actually gives you the desired benefits. You should always choose it based on weed smell and do not pay for the things that are good for nothing.

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