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Deciding to change a major aspect of your life is never easy. You probably have a good job, good friends, and a good routine. Nevertheless you are not fulfilled. You would like to wake up in the morning feeling that you will do something meaningful, at least for yourself.

Let me tell you something, breaking the news that you are having second thoughts about your career path is not an option. Some will say it’s just a phase; others will think you may say so, but you will never act on it; and most of them will believe that if you already have a job, you should not be complaining at all. But above all, you are not fully convinced about the whole idea, so you will not be strong enough to convince them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people are intentionally doing this, but their doubts and insecurities will bring you down even before you’ve begun.

Lucky you, this is the 21st Century, and Social Media has come to the rescue.

Go Google About It

One of the benefits of this time and age is that you can do a lot of research before taking that leap of faith. Read about successful people who had a 180 career change. Turn to blogs and forums that can provide more information about the new venture or industry you want to jump in. Sign up for an online course, or teach yourself by learning the terminology that will at least allow you to have a proper conversation without looking like a complete outsider.

Connect, Connect, Connect

Create a net of connections that belong to the field you want to move to. Build a trustworthy group of people that can tell you their experiences when they first started. You are not the first person who finds a new interest later in life. You should know that even the narrowest minded industry is still formed by people who ARE willing to tell their stories. Speak out loud about it. Chances are your 2nd degree connections are already involved in an activity that could help you get started. Find the most appropriate social network for you and start connecting with interesting people.

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Florencia is into Media Content in every shape & form. Originally from Argentina, she studied Communications and later lived in US & New Zealand. She has always worked in Content Creation and Development in TV, Advertising and Online companies. Now she's in Dublin working in the Social Media industry.

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