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A good graphic designer feels on top of the world when he/she finds design resources needed for his/her designs; one of such resources is an SVG image. An SVG file is Scalable Vector Graphic file, it is an image type file and it uses a two-dimensional vector graphic format created by the WWC (World Wide Web Consortium).

The two-dimensional vector graphic format works by describing images using a text format based on XML; simply by mapping pixels with specific color codes and storing the color codes in a table, an SVG file can be made of zillions of pixels.

Thus, when an SVG file is resized, it still maintains its quality because the number of pixels will be re-proportioned and then colored from the information stored in a table. The SVG file is the standard format for displaying vector graphics on the web.

There various benefits of choosing SVG as the image format in your designs and few of the reasons are highlighted below;

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  1. Web Standard: SVG is the ideal format for web graphics because it is highly interactive, independent of resolutions and very responsive. Image with SVG formats enhances quick loading because of its small size and look crisps on devices no matter the resolution. An SVG image has its own navigable DOM and can be easily animated.
  2. Print-Ready: not only the web industry has adopted the SVG graphics format but also the media printing industry. Because of the scalability nature of SVG graphics, it is suitable for usage in large and enhanced printing jobs. Many publishers and media printing companies will only accept SVG source files so has to deliver maximum quality output.
  3. Precise Cutting Jobs: with the existence of controlled graphic cutting machine such as sticker cutting machine and vinyl cutting machine, SVG serve as the ideal file input format for accurate and precise cutting jobs.
  4. Highly Customizable: another beauty of SVG file format is its customizability; irrespective of the editing app used, SVG is very easy to customize without losing its image quality. And with enough HTML5 knowledge, you can recolor uploaded graphics on the web without opening it with any native graphics editor.
  5. SEO friendly: Search Engine Optimization is a sure way to get your online content on the front page of Search Engines; this boosts your content popularity and increases revenue. With the optimized nature of SVG file format, it helps SEO for websites. SVG contents are common in Google AdSense, social ads and AdWords campaigns because of its SEO nature.



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