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Each time you think about organization of any social or business event you will face with the promotion issue. Marketers and designer should sweat the details and do it fast. But the speed of your work should compromise the quality and it’s a huge dilemma. Photoshop action can help to solve this problem. The using of such extra tools is your chance to focus on main flyer functions. Let’s sum up the most important ones.


The invitation should accomplish several functions:

  • Be catchy enough to attract the attention
  • Be informative enough to provide the visitors with the main information and contacts
  • Convey the main idea of your event, to attract the right audience
  • Be affordable for organization
  • Be easy to use, customize

Marketers or designers who create the perfect invitation for the event can face problems. The main problems are the lack of time or tools, which can help to achieve the professional and fast result. Photoshop action will simplify the process of creation and provide users with the wide opportunities.

They can experiment with styles, text effects and color pallets before they will complete their flyer. The Photoshop actions will help to accomplish all experiment in the shortest terms and fulfil it in the professional way. Value the working time. Spend more time on the brilliant ideas, not on their implementation.

Before using the Photoshop action in your work, determine your needs and set the goals. Different events need different promotion. And it’s of the high importance to pick the right appearance to each flyer.


Which actions can simplify the process of perfect invitation creation?


General photo effects.

When you work on the new invitation for your business/social event, the first step will be the perfect visualization. On this step, you can rely on the general Photoshop action such as the perfect matte effect or HDR effects. They will make the fist-step improvement and help to create the base for the main information.


Text styles.

The way you write the information about the forthcoming event plays the crucial role. The headline must stand out from the other layers and the effect font you will pick must suit to your background and your event. But the font isn’t the one thing you should turn your attention to. You can make your text layers more unique and stylish by using text effects. Gold effect with some sparklers will suit any general party promotion. Neon and glow effect will be perfect for some club events. For any business events you can opt 3d, extra light or some colorful effects. Determine your needs first and then choose the perfect text style for your flyer.


Background textures.

When you work on your invitation you should pick between flat and textured background. Flat background can look stylish and elegant. But if you want to add sophisticate effect to your design, decide in favor the textured background.

You can add extra grunge vibes to your layouts and create something more than simple party invitation. Applying filters and effects to the edges of your invitation, will be a perfect variant if you want to achieve the lived-in appearance. For achieving the grunge result, just pick one of the grunge pattern Photoshop action and experiment with the transparency settings of the elements.


Metallics as the best option for party events.

When you create the flyer for some club party, everything you need is a slight touch of glamour. Use any metal in your design and it will become much more interesting. It doesn’t matter what metal you will pick, gold, silver, copper or iron. In the result, you will get the luxe design for some glamour event. Metal effects is attention-grabbing tools. Considering that fact, it would be better to place them against some dark background with the aim to create a high contrast and dramatic result. Any professional designer knows the eye-catching headline is the half of the success. It will be enough to hold the viewer’s attention.


Add color to your designs.

If you want to create an efficient event promotion, you must think as the consumer. Imagine that you are walking through the wall with the flyers. Which flyer will you turn your attention to? The light and bright design will win. All people can’t resist looking at a bright color. That’s why adding light effect will be a great option. The secret of the perfect light effect is to create the lively impression of electric or fiery light in the simple 2d flyer. If you are looking for some simplest way to add some realistic light to grab people’s attention, decide in favor of glow effects. Don’t forget about the contrast. If you use the glowing text, place it against the dark background. And if you add glowing to the background, choose the deep dark text style.


Try vintage style for casual events.

We have mentioned about the glamour touch when you deal with the luxury party events. In the case of the casual event and Low-key music parties, it would be better to step away from the luxury touches. Pick vintage or retro effects. The great variant will be chalkboard text style against the black background. Any monochrome, sepia or duotone effect will add the perfect final touch to your flyer.


Neon text styles and photo effects for general parties.

Remember one crucial rule – right color combination will set the scene for your flyer. The color of your flyer will help you to convey the atmosphere of your event. For promoting any night event, use the neon styles. Neon effect will look magnificent against any dark background and will add the nightlife vibes to your design. Saturate the text or image colors add glowing around the perimeter of your text layer or any object, you want to emphasize. This approach will help you to achieve the lit-up effect and attract even more attention.


Muted color effect for some serious events.

If you are working on daytime event or more casual family parties, decide in favor of muted color for your flyer. Remember that muted and calm design isn’t bad at all. Combine muted palettes with some vintage or retro effects and for the flyer with wide appeal.


Pick the high contrast for attracting much attention.

High-contrasted design will suit club event or sometimes business flyers. You can use calm background and catchy text styles with the aim to focus attention on your information. You can add bright patterns to add some realistic and lively vibes.

It’s only the small part of Photoshop actions, which you can us in your work, but the most significant one. Use several actions to determine the best variants for your flyer event and work on it.

It doesn’t matter which event you will promote. You can save not only your time but also your money by using the Photoshop action in your working process. And we offer you to save even more money. How? By using the coupon code ‘EventsPsActions’ on You can use it and get flat 20% Discount on 1 year action member plan.

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