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If you are a writer who is still stuck with the conventional ways of creating novels, then you are missing out on a great world of opportunities that can enhance your inspiration and make you more effective at what you do.

The choice of online writing tools, websites, and apps is so overwhelming that can easily turn you back to the typewriter, which is why we decided to list the best tools and save you from losing time.


1. Write or Die

No, you won’t die if you don’t write, but the entire work you have completed will be lost if you don’t reach the word goal. If the kamikaze mode seems too drastic for a start, you can begin with an easier mode that will help you work your way towards a greater challenge.

2. Lift

You don’t have to wish for your own writing coach that will yell in order to remind you to go back to work. Lift is a great way to set goals and reach them by getting motivated by the friendly community.

3. WordCounter

Do you need to know the number of words and symbols in a text? Try this new word count tool by essay writing service NinjaEssays.

4. Rescue Time

If you spend way too much time looking at recipes or cute kittens online, the report you get by Rescue Time will come as a reality hit. Once you become more conscious about your time-wasting habits, it will be easier for you to control them.

5. Freedom

The logic of using this app is simple: it prevents you from using the Internet for as long as you tell it to. Although the Internet is a source of great tools that can help you become a better writer, it’s also the biggest distraction that you have to control.

6. Index Cards

Since the effectiveness of index cards has been proven many times, there is no need to neglect them for the sake of revolutionary concept. However, that doesn’t stop us from making them even cooler by using them through this iPhone or iPad app.

7. Dragon Dictation

Don’t you wish you had a personal typist who would make your job faster and easier? There is no need to hire one; you can use Dragon Dictation’s voice recognition feature for that purpose. All you need to do is start speaking and the story will come to life in front of your eyes.

8. Thesaurus App

No writer can deny the necessity of the good old thesaurus in their arsenal of tools. With this app, you can easily find synonyms of your habit words and change them to make your style more interesting.

9. Scrivener

This tool makes the entire process of writing a novel simpler and more manageable. You can use Scrivener to collect important information, write down your ideas and complete the first draft with surprising speed.

10. Essay Minions

When you get stuck in the middle of the writing process because you have to conduct a research associated to your idea, you can get through that stage much faster if you hire an experienced expert at Essay Minions. A holder of an MA or PhD degree in the suitable area of study will provide you with all information you need in order to make your story believable.

You can also hire a professional editor at the same website and save yourself from a lot of frustration.

11. iA Writer

This writing tool will hide all distractions and enable you to write in a completely clean interface. The blank page you see will keep you disciplined and focused on your work.

12. PaperHelper

PaperHelper will split the computer screen and display your research sources on one side and your manuscript on the other. This will save you from maneuvering among different tabs and windows, so you will be able to type much faster.

13. Coffitivity

Some writers love working in a silent room, but others are distracted by the empty, lifeless space. If you belong to the second group, then Coffitivity will make you feel like home. The tool replicates a coffee shop environment with all its sounds that inspires your creative juices.

You will surprise with your potential when you start using the right tools

Being a writer is just as frustrating as it’s enjoyable at times. There is no need to keep ignoring the inventions of modern technology when there is so much you can benefit from. Start exploring the world of opportunities today and you’ll immediately become more appreciative of your profession.

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