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There are people who believe that the bigger the home is, the more beautiful it is compared to other homes. While it’s true that big houses are nice, there’s still a certain appeal and warmer aura that comes along with smaller homes. Here are ten impressive tiny homes that will charm your heart once you see them:


Bunkie 4

Bunkie 3

Bunkie 2


This home has transparent front and back glass panes and a solid “outline” covering the roof and the sides of the home. What’s great about this home is the bed which can be raised up into its own cabinet set against one of the walls. The interior has a warm color scheme with wooden patterns and an overall minimalist look complemented by a modern electric fireplace. Its shape appears to have a chimney too which makes it even cuter!

Custom Tiny Home by Heirloom

Custom Tiny Home by Heirloom6

Custom Tiny Home by Heirloom5

Custom Tiny Home by Heirloom4

Custom Tiny Home by Heirloom3

Custom Tiny Home by Heirloom1

Custom Tiny Home by Heirloom

Those who have a preference for more traditional-looking homes will love Heirloom. It has four narrow columns on the façade and layered wood planks on the exterior. You can climb up to the bed which has an attic-like feel or enjoy sitting by one of the windows. It comes complete with a small bathroom, kitchen, study, and laundry area.

Hand Built Tiny Home by Alek Lisefski

Hand Built Tiny Home by Alek Lisefski5

Hand Built Tiny Home by Alek Lisefski4

Hand Built Tiny Home by Alek Lisefski3

Hand Built Tiny Home by Alek Lisefski2

Hand Built Tiny Home by Alek Lisefski

The light interior of the Hand-Built Tiny Home in California is an appealing color scheme especially for the ladies. This cozy home comes complete with a small corner kitchen, an upstairs bedroom, and a compact bathroom. With just 8×20 feet, it has several windows—making an energy-saving and well-lit home too! It even has a small study area and a table which can accommodate three diners.

Nomad Micro Home

Nomad Micro Home4

Nomad Micro Home3

Nomad Micro Home2

Nomad Micro Home

The Nomad Micro Home has just 100 square feet and all the comforts of home despite the tiny space to move around. It’s a two-story space which has a living room, bathroom, and kitchen downstairs and small bedrooms upstairs. It is also a highly energy efficient home because it has been equipped with solar panels and has a floor to ceiling glass pane to bring light to the house.

200 Square Foot House in Hawaii

200 Square Foot House in Hawaii5

200 Square Foot House in Hawaii4

200 Square Foot House in Hawaii3

200 Square Foot House in Hawaii2

200 Square Foot House in Hawaii1

This charming tiny house in Hawaii has a very warm appeal to it because of the orangey look of the wood that was used. It has an upstairs bedroom with a circular window and a spacious living room downstairs accentuated with sliding doors. It has a tiny L-shaped kitchen and a small bathroom right underneath the stairs. This cozy space can accommodate a small family and some guests for some quality time in the house!

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