Vincent Kartheiser’s Tiny Home

Vincent Kartheiser's Tiny Home6

Vincent Kartheiser's Tiny Home5

Vincent Kartheiser's Tiny Home4

Vincent Kartheiser's Tiny Home3

Vincent Kartheiser's Tiny Home1

Vincent Kartheiser's Tiny Home

Usually, celebrity homes adapt the “bigger is better” theme going on, but for Vincent Kartheiser, that doesn’t seem to be the case. He has a minimalist home with wooden and steel furniture—combining warmth and coolness with the materials. The masculinity is brought about by the dominance of black in the furnishings and other accents like tiles and the kitchen backsplash.

Tiny Home by viVood

Tiny Home by viVood5

Tiny Home by viVood4

Tiny Home by viVood3

Tiny Home by viVood2

Tiny Home by viVood

Are you a cubist? If you are, you’ll love this home on sight! It has a straightforward layout and the light interiors are complemented with darker fabrics on the furniture. The living room is right beside the bed and there’s also a small dining area which can accommodate three people. It has a small bathroom and separately enclosed wet room and you can expect the entire house to be brightly lit because of its glass panel faces in front.

Salsa Box Tiny Home

Salsa Box Tiny Home4

Salsa Box Tiny Home3

Salsa Box Tiny Home1

Salsa Box Tiny Home

Those who go around a lot and would like to bring their home with them ought to consider adapting the idea of the Shelter Wise Salsa Box Tiny Home. You can pull it by your trailer truck and feel like a very stylish turtle with a compact portable home! It has a wonderful stainless steel kitchen and stainless wet room plus a cozy two-window bedroom too! It even has a small patch of green by the highest window for added color and texture.

Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Home5

Shipping Container Home4

Shipping Container Home3

Shipping Container Home1

Shipping Container Home

Trailer-style homes have been in the scene for a while but the Port-A-Bach Shipping Container Home makes the most out of one of the trailer sides. It can be opened for an additional living space out in the open while having floor to ceiling glass panes to protect the rooms inside. This two-bedroom space is accentuated with glass shelves and a small glass-walled bathroom to give the illusion of wider interiors.

Hand Built Tiny Home

Hand Built Tiny Home5

Hand Built Tiny Home4

Hand Built Tiny Home3

Hand Built Tiny Home1

Hand Built Tiny Home

This 7×20 home has a nice living room, some book shelves, an L-shaped kitchen and an attic-style bedroom with three windows! It has a charming and olden-day style bathroom with a basin-style wet room paired with a circular shower curtain holder and a cubicle-sized toilet.

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